Who’s That Indie Author? David Liscio


Author name:  David Liscio

Genre:  Crime Fiction

Books:  Serial-killer thriller Deadly Fare; mafia thriller Blood Sons; currently working on the third book in the Hannah Summers series.


Bio:  A newspaper reporter and magazine photojournalist for over thirty years, I was fortunate to cover crime of all sorts, including organized crime, murder investigations and dramatic court trials. I live on the Massachusetts coast with my wife and dog. An avid sailor, I’m also a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician, occupations that inform my writing. I continue to write articles and make photographs for magazines.

Favorite thing about being a writer:  I get to exercise my imagination.

Biggest challenge as an indie author:  Marketing the books. It takes a tremendous amount of time.

Favorite book(s)The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway; Cannery Row by John Steinbeck; Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and so many others.

Contact Information:
Website:  davidliscio.com
email is davidliscio@gmail.com
Amazon author David Liscio
Goodreads author David Liscio
Twitter: @DavidLiscio
Instagram: d_liscio
Facebook: @authordavidliscio

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10 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? David Liscio

    1. It’s time consuming for writers because what they really want to do is write, not promote. I like doing it because it’s fun for me! I like seeing what kinds of tweets and posts attract readers and measuring them over time.

  1. Absolutely Jill. It’s the most difficult part of being a writer. You keep on marketing what you’ve already written, which takes precious time that would be better spent working on the next book.

  2. So thrilled to wake up and find Book Club Mom’s (Barbara Vitelli) interview with me as an indie author. She doesn’t have to do this, but she enjoys helping writers spread the word about themselves in this ever-changing publishing world. Thank you Book Club Mom!

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