Friday Fiction – “A Man and His Phone” Part 6

“A Man and His Phone” – Part 6

Jane’s sometimes boyfriend, Chris, is playing hard to get. Tentative plans to get together have ended in a tense phone call and Chris has powered off his phone. Jane has recruited her friend, Adrienne, to visit Chris’s apartment to see what’s what. Adrienne investigates while Jane waits in the lobby. When Adrienne arrives on the eighth floor, she meets face-to-face with Chris. Were those sparks flying between them? After a little banter, Adrienne makes a quick retreat down the stairwell to fetch Jane, just as Chris pushes the down button in the elevator. What will happen next is anyone’s guess!

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Jane fumed in the lobby. Where was Adrienne? Why hadn’t she texted her updates? She had been desperate for info when she finally called. Had Chris come out his door and caught Adrienne spying? He’d surely recognize her friend and put two and two together. Chris may be a bonehead in relationships, but he was sure to detect this scheme if he saw Adrienne. He might even think it was funny, but no, things hadn’t gone well on the phone. There was nothing funny about his blowing her off last week and now tonight. And Jane was not going for funny here anyway. Chris needed to realize how great they were together. That was serious business.

The rubber tree plant in front of her was a comic disguise. She’d gotten more than one crazy look while she waited. Thank goodness there wasn’t a doorman to chase her away. She had a good view of the elevator from behind the fat leaves and, if Chris came down, she could spot him and crouch low as he passed. And Adrienne was on her way anyway. If all went well, Adrienne would come down first and the two of them could run out of the building and Chris wouldn’t be the wiser.


Adrienne strode down the eighth floor hall, hoping that Chris would enter his apartment before she had to fake knock at an unknown apartment. She heard a door open and close just as she arrived at 803. Thank goodness! This would definitely be a story to laugh at, she thought, fifty years from now, but there was no time for that now. She pulled off her heels and made a dash to the stairwell exit. This would be a good warm-up for the dance floor, she reasoned.

Adrienne’s bare toes gripped the waffled surface of the metal steps. Her lacrosse training in high school and college was serving her well, even if she hadn’t done much since. Well, there was dancing. That definitely counted. She was moving fast. In a half a minute, she’d get to the lobby, grab Jane and they’d hightail it out of there.


The only thing Chris needed in his apartment was a door to hide behind to see what Adrienne would do next. He opened and closed it loudly, then quietly re-opened it to peek through the crack. He was sure that after Adrienne pretended to visit the cat lady, she would head down to the lobby, but he needed to know whether she’d take the elevator or the stairs. When he saw her head to the stairwell, he smiled. He was ready to play the game, but first, better grab his phone. Chris may not like the device very much, but getting a new number in it might be a good thing.

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    1. Haha! Well the twenty-something dating scene is always filled with drama, from what I remember! 😉 thanks for reading – I appreciate your interest, Jill.

      1. I will, but I’ll need to consult with my family who are great with ideas! It’s a frequent subject at the dinner table – I’m not fully responsible for these characters’ bonehead moves! Thanks for reading and commenting, Jennifer. I appreciate your support.

  1. I’ve just caught up on all the parts I’d missed, Barbara. It’s very suspenseful. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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