On YouTube today – my Kindle and other technology

Hi Everyone!

Today on Book Talk, a quick look at my old Kindle and other technology stuff:

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

6 thoughts on “On YouTube today – my Kindle and other technology

  1. Oh my gosh! You’re getting more cute with each video, Barbara! Derek thought you were adorable. He laughed at your flip phone because that’s what he still uses. I can’t believe you started your blog on the Kindle. I didn’t even know Kindles had a keypad. 🙂

  2. Oh this video brings back memories of the many bits of technology I went through (Zune, Nook, weird generic brand e-reader, etc.) before settling on an iPad mini (not which I immediately dowloaded all the e-reading apps). I only got my first smart phone a few months ago, but that’s where I do nearly all my ebook reading. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is great, Barbara! We used to have flip phones, too, and loved them. Sometimes, I wouldn’t mind going back to those simpler days of no smart phones. I still don’t have a kindle, though, but I’m going to ask Santa for one for Christmas, so we shall see. 🙂 Great job on the video. Oh, and if you have a specific kindle to recommend, let me know because I don’t know much about the different types.

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