On YouTube today – college books, are you still hanging on to them?

Hey Everybody!

Today on YouTube I’m talking about three college books I’ve been hanging onto since the 1980s. Take a look here:

Do you have any of your college books?

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29 thoughts on “On YouTube today – college books, are you still hanging on to them?

  1. Your Shakespeare book looks about as big as my Abnormal Psych book, Barbara! I held on to many of my college books, but when I moved out of state, I didn’t see the need to tote them across state lines. 🙂 I love that you kept the four leaf clovers!

  2. This made me chuckle. I have some of my books or English lit. classes, but otherwise have rid myself of the text books long ago. The husband, on the other hand, has kept ALL of his text books as well as his Brother word processor and discs. You just never know when you’ll need them 😉

  3. I still have my copy of the novel “Corelli’s Mandolin” that I had to read for class. It’s a great book; I’ve been thinking of re-reading it. I also have most of my economics textbooks (that was my major) and at least one guide for writers they assigned me in English class.

  4. With a degree in Education, combined with my desire to teach my children at home, I saved many of my college textbooks only to discover that I never used any of them. I finally gave them to my local library.

  5. I still have my huge Shakespeare edition, my psych textbooks, and a book a women’s study professor wrote on women as romance readers. I finally realized that the shelf full of political science textbooks and related readings was basically a picture of out-of-date books, and (tearfully) parted with them all. 🙂

    1. Yes, they do mark the time, don’t they? It’s so funny to see my college address on the inside cover. “16 College Street.” What a generic address – that could be anywhere! Thanks for stopping by – hope you’re on your way to a great weekend!

  6. I too still have some college books: Norton Anthology of Poetry and several Shakespeare volumes. I love reading my notes-who was that studious young woman?!? I also have my father’s copy of Julius Caesar from his high school years. His notes are all about football games-he was not a fan of Shakespeare apparently!

    1. That’s great and what a book to hold onto- that’s so nice, Casey! When I read some of the things I wrote in the margins I have no idea what they mean. I was pretty clueless and silly back then!

  7. I still have my Complete Works of Shakespeare (which I cherish) and the Norton Anthology. That’s so funny but it sort of makes sense too. I was an English Major, so I keep a lot of my poetry and fiction books from the time – still in my bookcase. 🙂

  8. Thats so funny. I think we all have those old college books we hang onto never knowing why or if there will ever be a need And then, so many years later, something like this comes up.::) That’s pretty cool.

    1. Oh, I know. I did have to get rid of a bunch years ago. I was busy reeling in my husband and, after he helped me move once (with tons of books), I knew if I was going to make the catch, I would need to get rid of them! Thanks for reading and watching. I hope you are enjoying this busy holiday time!

      1. Busy reeling in your husband – love it! Speaking of books and spouses, Paul gave my son his own hardcover collection of Stephen King books. Scored a few points there.
        Have a marvelous yuletide, Barbara!

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