Who’s That Indie Author? 2018 Profiles

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or for your next great read, consider these indie authors and the books they have published. The indie and self-published market is loaded with talent and these authors are often busy working full-time and writing at night and on weekends. In addition, they face the time-consuming challenge of promoting their books in person, on their websites and on social media. So say hello to these hard-working writers, click on the links and pay them a visit – they will be glad to meet you!

2018 Indie Authors
(in order of appearance)


G.M. Barlean
mainstream fiction, suspense, cozy mystery, short fiction



Brysen Mann
psychological thrillers, mystery, suspense, science fiction


Annika Perry
contemporary fiction, short fiction


Diana Tarant Schmidt
speculative fiction


Connie Lacy
young adult, historical fiction, magical realism, climate fiction


K.C. Tansley
young adult time travel mysteries


Geoffrey M. Cooper
medical thriller


Martha Miller
travel memoir


Janice Spina
children’s, middle-grade, 18+, mysteries, thrillers, paranorm


Michelle Burke and Lilamani de Silva
nonfiction – motivational, self help


N.A. Granger
cozy mystery


Janice J. Richardson
nonfiction, fiction (mystery)


David Liscio
crime fiction


Michelle Scott
supernatural thriller and romance


Gigi Sedlmayer
children’s fiction


Alethea Kehas
fantasy and memoir


Robbie Cheadle
children’s fiction, poetry and supernatural/horror for adults


Karen Hugg
literary mystery

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19 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? 2018 Profiles

  1. Barbara, wow! Time does fly quickly and it seems only a couple of so months ago that I was in your blog! Thank you for the mention in this round up of your wonderful support for self-published authors from 2018! Yep, how true about the time-consuming promotion … and help such as yours is fantastic and a terrific help.

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