Grammar check – a year of trying to get it right!

Image: Pixabay

Whether we’re speaking or writing, we sometimes need a little help. Here are a few of the rules that trip me up:

he/she?  his/her?  or they/their?

Have you ever been stuck in an awkward sentence, not knowing which pronoun to use?  Do you feel forced to use the clunky “he/she” or “his/her” option when all you really want to do is replace it with a “they or their” and  move on?

assure/ensure/insure, further/farther and a little punctuation

A few tricks to help you pick the correct word.

the lowdown on lay and lie

Go lie down, lay that on the table, let sleeping dogs lie. I’m not going to lie, the rules for using lay and lie are very complicated. It’s easy to get them wrong, so let’s lay down the law and get it right!

bad or badly?

Do you feel bad or badly? Here’s the rule to help you remember!

Are you using those Latin phrases correctly?

Have you ever used a Latin phrase and wondered if you were using it correctly? I have. I don’t think I’m the only one to be a little off with my usage.

Don’t make these embarrassing mistakes!

Many common phrases have morphed into something else. Here are a few that will make you laugh!

Image: Pixabay

These rules are just the tip of my grammar and writing ignorance. But sometimes it’s okay to break the rules. In fact, deliberately saying or writing something the wrong way often makes a bigger impact. More to come on that in 2019!

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13 thoughts on “Grammar check – a year of trying to get it right!

  1. Love these Barbara. I have to admit I sometimes hesitate with lie and lay and ensure and insure sometimes slips me up. Thanks for the lesson and reminder…:)

    1. Hi George, I often completely reword my sentence to avoid making a mistake, rather than try to get it right. Those are two tricky rules and I know I would still get them wrong half the time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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