Who’s That Indie Author? Kathleen Jowitt

Author name: Kathleen Jowitt

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Books: Speak Its Name (2016); A Spoke In The Wheel (2018)

When did you begin your writing career? I started writing Speak Its Name in autumn 2007; it took me six years to produce a draft that I was happy with, another year to try and fail to interest agents and publishers, and a further six months to prepare the book for publication myself.

What’s your approach to writing? Are you a “pantser” or a planner? I used to think I was a “pantser,” but the more I write, the less comfortable I am not knowing where I’m going, or how the scene I’m currently writing fits into the plot. I discovered quite early on that I needed to know what would constitute a satisfactory ending, and to write in that general direction, but now I seem to know more of what’s going to go in the middle, as well.

What’s your working style – morning or late-night writer? For preference, late morning, after I’ve been out for a long walk. But I have a full-time job, so in practice I write in spare moments. My most productive time is my hour’s commute to work – on the way home again I’m often too tired to write much!

Do you work at a computer or write long-hand? Both! I write long-hand on the train, and then type it up in the evenings. I often find that the process of typing the work up results in the addition of another couple of hundred words along the way, as I remember things that I meant to put in.

What gets those words flowing, coffee or tea? I start with coffee, and then switch to tea after the first cup. A couple of squares of dark chocolate also help!

Favorite book: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Long, complicated, and satisfying.

Favorite movie: The Titfield Thunderbolt – it’s an Ealing comedy about a group of villagers trying to save their railway line.

Favorite musician: Varies! At the moment I’m very into Rhiannon Giddens and Vienna Teng.

Social media links:
Facebook: @KathleenJowitt
Twitter: @KathleenJowitt
Instagram:  Kathleen Jowitt

Awards/special recognition: Speak Its Name was the first self-published novel ever to be shortlisted for the prestigious Betty Trask Prize, which is awarded to the best debut by an author under the age of 35.

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16 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? Kathleen Jowitt

    1. Hi Robbie, yes you and Kathleen have that in common. I am amazed how writers with full-time jobs manage their time. Maybe being so busy unleashes your creativity and makes you even more productive. Thanks for stopping by to meet Kathleen. Hope you have a good week.

    1. Hi Jill, thanks for saying hello to Kathleen. You working authors have tight schedules. I like hearing how you get your writing done. I’m also a morning person, but there’s only so much I can do during those hours, even though I only work part time. Not sure when I can get that hidden book of mine written 😉

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