On YouTube today – self-publishing – here’s how we did it!

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Today on YouTube I’m talking about my experiences with self-publishing. There are so many ways to get your books in print. Here’s what we did:

What are your experiences with self-publishing? What would you do differently?

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13 thoughts on “On YouTube today – self-publishing – here’s how we did it!

  1. I’m happy you and your father tackled this project together, Barbara. From what I hear about self-publishing, it can be like a full-time job that you don’t get paid for. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. You were so color coordinated with your pretty blue and the walls! 🙂 Great job!

    1. Hi Jennifer – yes self-publishing has many roads and authors have to make a lot of decisions along the way. Thanks for watching my vid! Still super cold here and snow on the ground!

    1. Thank you, Clanmother. There are so many ways to publish a book these days and in many ways it’s like the Wild West. I appreciate you watching my video!

  2. That was a lovely video. I’m so glad you managed to publish your father’s books. It’s a wonderful memory and memoir to have.
    My self publishing experience was quite different. I did it all myself, but I outsourced experts separately. The most expensive parts were the cover and the editing. I hired a book designer, and two editors, one US and one UK. I formatted myself for kindle and paperback and I paid for some blog tours and advertising on sites such as the Fussy Librarian etc… It’s time consuming and exhausting and not cheap. I’d like to try traditional publishing with my next novels. The whole process is just too much…

    1. Yes I think it is quite overwhelming. Paying for a soup to nuts service was helpful but it was still a lot of work. Thanks for watching my video!

    1. Hi Jacqui – I am still getting used to seeing and hearing myself but I think the success of a YouTube channel is based more on how real and sometimes flawed the speaker is. My kids tell me it shouldn’t be too scripted or too polished so that’s what I’m going for. Thanks so much for your kind words!

  3. Barbara, this is a superb video post packed with terrific advice! You share generously of your experience and knowledge. Both books looks fantastic and professional. How lovely to have hardback as well as paperback! The covers look great, eye-catching and I was equally surprised by the cover of my book a I hadn’t given the back any consideration whatsoever…it makes a huge difference to have a wraparound and the silhouette looks so atmospheric. Editing is key and having Read (&lovedd) Encounters I couldn’t see any problems at all but I would always outsource editing … being so close to an ms it’s impossible to spot everything! Many thanks for the tip about Claire’s book and I’ll take a closer look at that!

    These two books must be very close to your heart and been very special to complete as you and your father worked on them together.

    As for my self-publishing experience I think you know a lot about that from my blog and how my book came to be published. I can only sing the praises of Moyhill Publishing run by David Cronin! He helped make the whole process painless and explained everything along the way … as we sent it out to amazon he was on the phone talking me through every step! I’d have been lost otherwise!

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