Who’s That Indie Author? Gina Briganti

Author name:  Gina Briganti

Bio: Gina Briganti writes paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi romance in north Texas. Her constant companion is a special soul who masquerades as a dog.

Genre:  Fantasy, paranormal, and sci-fi romance

BookDeep in the Dreaming

When did you begin your writing career?  I started entering short story contests in 2005. My first novel, The Dreaming, was published in 2010.

What’s your approach to writing? Are you a “pantser” or a planner?  I’m a planner who gives myself room to go off on an unplanned tangent if that’s where the story wants to go. Some of the best scenes I’ve written were from steam of consciousness writing sprints.

What’s your working style – morning or late-night writer?  In ideal conditions the first two hours of my work day are spent writing so my freshest thoughts end up on the page.

Do you work at a computer or write long-hand?  Mostly with the computer, but if inspiration strikes I will type notes to myself and e-mail if I’m waiting in the car, or jot a few lines down on a random piece of paper.

What gets those words flowing, coffee or tea?  Water. It’s my elixir of life.

Favorite book:  Will a favorite series do? I’ve had Nora Roberts Key trilogy on my keeper shelf forever and I will take it out and sink into the awesomeness when I’m craving the mastery she showed in those books.

Favorite movie:  One I can’t get enough of is Chocolat. Sigh-worthy romance and Johnny Depp!

Favorite musician:  Walk Off The Earth. I am a total WOTEling.

Blog: ginabriganti.com
Facebook: @ginabrigantiauthor
YouTube: Gina Briganti
Instagram: ginabriganti
Goodreads: Gina Briganti

Awards/special recognition:  None yet for writing, but I’m working on it!

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30 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? Gina Briganti

  1. Barbara, an engaging interview with Gina and her books looks enticing. I too found working in the morning is best for creativity and yeah, Chocolat is a wonderful film … one can’t see it too many times!

    BTW, Barbara, I’ve nominated you for The Sunshine Blogger Award on my post today – no obligation at all but your posts/articles are always fascinating, inspiring – adding sunlight to my day!

    1. Hi Annika, thanks for stopping in to say hello to Gina – I’m also a morning person – that’s when I get all the real stuff done. And thank you for the Sunshine Blogger nomination – I’ll try to get over to it soon – I have a new work schedule so I’m still adjusting to that. I very much appreciate your support! 🙂 Happy reading and writing to you!

  2. Enjoyed the interview, Gina and Barbara. My brain doesn’t engage until late afternoon, lol, so I save my writing for evening. I haven’t read the Key Trilogy yet, but now I might have to 🙂

    1. Hi Jacquie – thanks for stopping in to say hello to Gina. It’s so interesting to me that people are productive at different times of the day. I’m a morning person so I like to get up early and knock out the things I need to do. By late afternoon, not so much! That’s when your shift takes over 😉

  3. Great interview, Gina! Enjoy Walk Off The Earth too! Best wishes for a bestseller! Cheers!

  4. Great to meet you, Gina! I started entering short stories in contests before getting my first book published, too. As for drinking water…we’re kindred spirits! Thanks for hosting Gina, Barbara.

    1. It’s great to me you too, Jill! Short stories and water are great foundations for authors! I still write short stories and enter competitions with them. My roots keep me grounded.

    2. Hi Jill, I thought of you when I saw that Gina entered writing contests. That’s the ticket – my dad always thought that too. All of you drinking water, I know how good it is for us. Now I may have to switch from tea 🙂

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