The Ha Ha by Dave King

From the archives, a review of The Ha Ha by Dave King. I’m not sure why this book didn’t receive more attention, but I thought it was very good, so I’m sharing it again. My book club read it years ago and we had a great discussion about it. And, in case you’re wondering, a ha ha has nothing to do with laughter, it’s a ditch with a wall on its inner side!

Book Club Mom

the ha ha picThe Ha Ha
Dave King


The Ha Ha is an excellent novel about a Viet Nam vet with a severe brain injury, leaving him unable to speak. Thirty years after returning from Viet Nam, Howard Kapostash suddenly finds himself taking care of 9-year-old Ryan, whose mother Sylvia (Howard’s high school girlfriend) is in rehab for a cocaine addiction. Howard is middle-aged. His parents are dead. He lives in the house he grew up in with a detached group of boarders. Laurel, the only female, is a 30-something owner of a small gourmet soup business and helps Howard maintain the house. Two 30ish house painters, Steve and Harrison are new boarders.

Written through Howard’s viewpoint, this is a story of how Ryan comes to be the force that joins these people together, how Howard struggles to care for Ryan and how all the characters assume new roles. Howard’s actions…

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4 thoughts on “The Ha Ha by Dave King

    1. Oh, you’re welcome, Jill. I like to churn up the old reviews now and then. It was a good book, but it didn’t get much notice. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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