Introduce yourself and make connections on Who’s That Indie Author!

I posted my first Who’s That Indie Author profile nearly four years ago. That’s over 100 authors!  I’m always impressed by the energy and focus exhibited by this hardworking group of writers. Many indie authors work full-time jobs, juggle family and other commitments, and then they write on nights and weekends.

You don’t have to motivate indie authors. Telling their stories is a passion. And their work comes in all forms: short fiction, historical fiction, women’s fiction, science fiction, young adult, mysteries, thrillers, suspense, romance, children’s books, memoirs, poetry—and many other subgenres. It’s an endless supply of creativity!

Image: Pixabay

Most indie authors don’t have enough time to work, write and promote their books on social media. There are lots of ways to get your name out there, but it’s a big job.

Who’s That Indie Author is a great way to introduce yourself to readers. It’s also an opportunity to connect with bloggers and expand your network through connections on WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and many other social media and business platforms.

And, it’s free! So why not take advantage of a chance to show your talents? Submit an author profile and see your name travel from blog to blog and tweet to tweet!

Take a look at some of these recent author profiles:

H. W. Bryce
Gina Briganti
Giselle Roeder
Kathleen Jowitt
Pamela S. Wight
HL Carpenter
Diana Stevan
Anne Marie Andrus
Amie Irene Winters
Kristin Ward

Email Book Club Mom at to request an author profile template. Open to all self-published and indie authors.

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24 thoughts on “Introduce yourself and make connections on Who’s That Indie Author!

      1. I always feel really inspired by writers. They clearly have some deep deep resilience within them. I don’t think I would have it in me to be able to write books really. X

  1. Congratulations, Barbara and thank you for all your support to Indie Writers. It was an honour to be featured and I love reading about the various writers and different genres!

    1. Hi Annika – I’ve always enjoyed meeting new authors. I’ve learned a great deal about the different genres and many interests of this group. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Thank you for promoting Indie authors. What an offer! My first book won’t be published until July 2019, so I probably should hold off on requesting an author profile template.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed these introductions. And I agree – these authors are super dedicated and ambitious to commit the necessary time to their projects. It’s quite inspiring!

    1. It is, isn’t it? Although I’d love to sit down and write the next great American novel, I’m not sure how I would find the time. These authors are driven to write and they just do it! Thanks for stopping by.

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