June book previews: Lot Stories by Bryan Washington and Miracle Creek by Angie Kim

Here are two books that have settled into a place on my coffee table. They have been patiently calling to me and I am determined to read them in June.

Lot Stories by Bryan Washington

A collection of 13 short stories set in the city of Houston, Texas. Told mainly by the son of a black mother and a Latino father, a young man who is just beginning to figure out who he is. “Bryan Washington’s brilliant, viscerally drawn world vibrates with energy, wit, and the infinite longing of people searching for home.” Because I like short fiction, I’m already drawn to this collection. I like that the stories are integrated and think I will enjoy this debut.

Miracle Creek by Angie Kim

I don’t know how best to describe this debut novel except to share parts of the inside jacket description:

“A literary courtroom thriller about an immigrant family and a young single mother accused of killing her autistic son…”

The book takes place in rural Miracle Creek, Virginia and is about “an experimental medical treatment device called the Miracle Submarine. A pressurized oxygen chamber that patients enter for therapeutic ‘dives,’ it’s also a repository of hopes and dreams…” During treatment, the oxygen chamber explodes and kills two people and these events lead to a murder trial.

I haven’t read a courtroom thriller in a long time, so I’m looking forward to what sounds like a unique story!

Do these books interest you? What is next on your list?

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12 thoughts on “June book previews: Lot Stories by Bryan Washington and Miracle Creek by Angie Kim

  1. My daughter is reading Rebecca for a school project, so as it’s here, I’m probably reading that next

  2. Ooh, Miracle Creek sounds intriguing! I’m trying to winnow down my massive paperback collection (giving them away once I’ve read them), so this month I’m aiming to get through The Sunne In Splendour, The Camelot Caper, and perhaps a JA Jance or Ken Follett book.

    1. Hi Tammie – it does sound good, doesn’t it? I’ll be reading that one very soon. You have a good paperback policy – I’m trying to trim down my book shelf – a pre-downsizing strategy! Thanks for the visit – I hope you are well 🙂

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