Book Review: Run Away by Harlan Coben

Run Away
Harlan Coben

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Simon Greene is desperate to find his daughter Paige, who has dropped out of college, is addicted to drugs, and on the run with her user boyfriend, Aaron. Acting on a tip, Simon sees her in Central Park and is sure he can save her. But Paige runs and Simon may never catch up.

Harlan Coben’s latest action thriller looks at a seemingly normal family with highly successful parents and smart children as they struggle with one daughter’s addiction. How right it had all seemed when Paige went off to college! Now the future is anything but bright.

Before long, Simon and his wife, Ingrid are deep into trouble and surrounded by highly dangerous people. Murder, conspiracies, family secrets, paid assassins and a cult cloud and threaten their search for Paige and before long, Simon is packing a weapon.

I enjoyed this fast-paced story, with a plot that’s hard to explain without spoilers. Coben gives the reader a view of a happy marriage that comes close to crumbling and a family that, like many families, isn’t what it seems. As in the two other Coben books I’ve read, I like the author’s references to New Jersey and New York, an area where I grew up.

Run Away is entertaining, but the reader will need to accept several far-fetched plot developments. I was okay with them, but did not feel the story was as good as the other Coben books I’ve read (see below). Despite this comment, I would recommend Run Away to readers looking for a fast-paced, not-too-deep summer read and, since summer has just begun, the timing is right!

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27 thoughts on “Book Review: Run Away by Harlan Coben

    1. Thanks, Robbie. This book falls into the category of serious subject with a lighter feel, probably because of the slightly unbelievable plot developments. As a parent of college aged kids, it’s something you never want to experience, though. Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Shalini. I didn’t think it was as good as the two others I read. But good for a summer read – it went fast! Thanks for reading and commenting.

    1. Hi Sarah – yes. Do you have a favorite Harlan Coben book? Besides this, I’ve only read Caught and Tell No One. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

    1. Hi Jill, my loyal blog reader 😉 He writes a good story – I meant to mention in my review, and without revealing the plot, that this book confirms my decision not to use my thumbprint for my phone passcode! Thanks for the visit!

  1. Sounds like a typical Coben book, and like you, I enjoy his books for their escapism, their insight into “what isn’t what it seems,” the setting in NJ, and how Coben makes his characters REAL people. I’ll add this one to my list.

    1. Hi Pam! We are like-minded! I always just go along for the ride with books like this – I never try to figure them out ahead of time. That would spoil the enjoyment for me. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    1. Harlan Coben is a smart and clever writer – I especially like his books because they often mention towns and places I grew up around. I’ve only read 3 of his and liked the others a little better than this one. But this was entertaining. Thanks for the visit, Noelle!

  2. Thank you…I usually enjoy his books. Hopefully this one, while not up to the others will still be enjoyable..:)

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