Who’s That Indie Author? Amy Tasukada

Genre:  Gay romance and thrillers

The Yakuza Path Series:
Blood Stained Tea
Better Than Suicide
One Thousand Cranes
The Deafening Silence

Would it Be Okay to Love You? Series and Book 1
Year One Book 2
Happy Merry Christmas Book 3
Year Two Book 4
Year Three Book 5

What’s your story and how did you become a writer?  I was an only child so would make up stories while I played with my toy horses. Soon I wrote those down. Eventually, I found I enjoyed writing Japanese inspired gay fiction most. I write everything gritty mafia thrillers to fluffy, contemporary romance. I enjoy weaving exciting tales of suspense, love, and gore.

How do you balance your work with other demands?  I try to stay really organized and break everything into smaller task so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. I also get up two hours before work to get the writing done before anything else.

Name one of the happiest moments in your life:  There was a tea house in my home town that I would go to almost weekly. All my friends would go and we’d get dressed up and drink proper British style tea.

What’s your approach to writing? Are you a “pantser” or a planner?  I am a huge planner. My last outline was over 18,000 words. I even have someone read over my outline and make comments to edit. I want everything already figured out when I start the rough draft.

Could you write in a café with people around?  More often people distract me when I’m at a café, but there’s a really good Korean café nearby. Their booths are built into the wall. So it feels like you’re in a cave. I can write there just fine.

Have you ever written dialogue in a second language? If so, how did you do it?  Though all of my books take place in Japan and with Japanese characters I do not write any extensive dialogue in Japanese.

What’s your favorite book and what are you reading now?  My favorite book is In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. It’s an epic French classic and I love the descriptions.  I recently finished Go by Kazuki Kaneshiro. It’s about a second generation Korean coming of age in Japan.

What’s your favorite way to read a book: hardcover, paperback, eReader?  I like eBooks because they are cheaper and I always feel like I read faster on them.

Do you think print books will always be around?  Yes, there are some people who enjoy holding a book.

Would you ever read a book on your phone?  I do this as a last resort like when I’m standing in line at the Post Office and it’s taking a long time.

What’s your go-to device? iPhone, Android or something else?  Does my desktop computer count? Give me a computer over a tablet or phone any day. I want a keyboard and mouse!

How long could you go without checking your phone?  During the weekend I never look at it. During the week I’ll poke around it.

Do you listen to audiobooks? If you do, what do you do while you’re listening?  I recently got into non-fiction audiobooks. I do about half an hour of stretching in the morning since I’ve herniated two discs in my spine about a year ago. It’s a nice way to get those non-fictions books I’ve wanted to read out of the way.

Do you like using social media to promote yourself and your book? If so, what’s your favorite platform? I spend a lot of time on YouTube, but probably do a bad job promoting my books there. I’m fond of Facebook, too.

Website and social media links:
Website – https://www.amytasukada.com/
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/amytasukada
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/amytasukadaofficial/
Twitter: @amytasukada

Awards/special recognition:  My first two thriller novels won an honorable mention at the Rainbow Awards for thrillers.

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18 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? Amy Tasukada

    1. i’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks they read ebooks faster. I know they do studies that show people don’t hold the information as long from reading on a screen vs on paper. I’m curious if it deals with reading it faster?

      1. Hi Amy – I hadn’t heard of that. That’s super interesting. My kids’ schools tried to go paperless, but they’ve pulled back from the effort, so now they use screens and print books. I wonder if it’s related to what you heard?

  1. Great interview, ladies! “Give me a computer over a tablet or phone any day.” I agree! I don’t look at my phone over the weekend either, Amy. I refuse to let it take control of my life. Great to meet you!

    1. Wow you two are so good about that. I think I use my phone more on the weekends than I do during the week. I only have it in my pocket at work for emergency texts and a few WordPress sneaks. 😉 Thanks for the visit, Jill!

      1. I like both and I like to alternate. I love the ease and mobility of an eBook, as well as being able to search for characters if I forget who one of them is. But I also like flipping back to pages I’ve already read – with a print book. I think there will always be print books.

    1. Hi Robbie – thanks for stopping by to meet Amy. I think print books will always be around, but even at the library, digital versions are becoming more popular. Hope you’re having a nice weekend 🙂

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