Social media book groups – are you in one?

About fifteen years ago, my college friends and I decided to start some kind of remote book club. We all lived in different places, but we were looking for a way to stay connected. This was before social media, back when email was the big thing. So we settled on an email book club. It was fun!

Emails can get cumbersome, though, so we eventually moved over to a Facebook group and lots of new friends and family joined. It was great to have a larger group and a much better way to talk about a book.

But life went on and, although we stayed in touch with each other through the group, the book reading fell off…

We’re back on track now and next month we are going to read Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes. I just got my hands on the book and I’m looking forward to reading it this weekend!

Are you in a social media book group? Leave a comment and tell me how it works!

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35 thoughts on “Social media book groups – are you in one?

  1. Hi Barbara, I am not in a book club of any type. The main reason for this is few other people want to read the books I like. I read mainly Indie books, classics and children’s books. I think they are a lovely idea though.

    1. Hi Robbie – those are good reasons. It can be a challenge to keep one going. I like to choose my own books but I do enjoy hearing what other people think about a book. The book blog is great for that too. Thanks for the visit 😀

  2. I don’t know what a social media book group is, so I’m going to say “no” I’m not in one. I used to be in a regular old neighborhood book club, but it fell apart. I didn’t mind seeing its demise for the very reason robbiesinspiration mentioned: I prefer to read what I want to read rather than what other people want me to read.

    1. Hi Ally! Yes there are pros and cons to book clubs and they can be hard to keep going. I know people who are on Instagram book groups- not sure how that works! I also like to pick my own books but I do like the social interaction. There’s never enough time though. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 😀

  3. Yes, I’m in a bunch, and they are worthy groups, but right now with the book launch, I simply can’t keep up. It’s one thing I hope to embrace in a few months. Great topic, Barbara!

    1. I’m in a lot of genre specific groups but I find them hard to navigate and get a grip on. I almost never interact on those because I don’t have the time. This other group is the only one I interact on. Thanks for the visit, Jill. Hope you are having a good weekend. I’m on my lunch break at work!

  4. My reading time is also limited since I desperately want to finish the book I am working on for the last two years, the sequel to “We Don’t Talk About That.” I am still reading though, am on the second book already this month. I tried “neighbourhood book clubs,” but, I read what I like to read or MUST read – and I didn’t like having to read what the members of the ‘club’ suggested.

    1. Hi Giselle. I understand what you mean – when there is limited time it’s not as fun to read what someone else chooses. Book clubs are a fun way to get to know people in a different way – that’s what I like about them. Thanks for reading and commenting. Good luck with the book you are working on!

      1. Oh, I loved the comradery and the social aspect of the book club. Once I have more time, I love to go back… but they even read my book and we discussed it. Another invitation from a book club arrived to ‘discuss’ my book and answer questions on October 17th. And a high school ( history classes grades 11/12) had me there last June – and I am invited back for “library discussions.”

  5. I am not, but would like to be – perhaps when we move to an over 55 community at the end of next year. Right now my critique group is my social focus – all of us are just finishing up new books. We meet three times a month. I think a book club would challenge me to read books I might not pick up!

    1. Hi Noelle – I think being I a critique group would be great – if I ever get that far. That would be time consuming so I can see why you wouldn’t be able to be in a book reading group too. Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you’re having a nice weekend!

  6. I’m not. I follow along with a few ‘clubs’ on Goodreads but it’s more so for reading challenges. I’ve actually been considering starting an in real life book club where I live.

    1. I used to follow some clubs on Goodreads, but I found that I didn’t have time to do much with them. I’ve been in a local book group for years, but I’m taking a break from that. I run a mystery book club at the library where I work, so that’s a bigger commitment. I do like the social interaction – I think it’s fun to share ideas about the same book. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I’m in a couple of Facebook book club books, but I haven’t actually participated in them. It always seemed like the monthly book was one I had no interest in, had already read a long time ago, or couldn’t get in time from the library.

    1. I know – those are common problems with any kind of book club. Some book groups want to always read the latest and greatest, but that’s a problem because it forces everyone to buy the book if they can’t get it at the library.

  8. Sorry I’m a bit slow getting here. My life seems to run me instead of the other way up sometimes. Know the feeling? I think I would enjoy to be in a book club. It would encourage me to read better literature rather than pick up whatever is on the library or charity shop shelf. I don’t have a Kindle, but think that’s probably a good idea for birthday or Christmas, as I can’t be without a book, ever! 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi and thanks for stopping by! I do enjoy being in book groups because it’s fun to talk about a book with others who have read it. I also think that you get to know people better when you listen to what they say about the books they read. Kindles are great. I have an old one, but have no need to upgrade – it works perfectly!

  9. I’m in a book club here in our community. I don’t always take the book selected, oftentimes because I’ve read it before. But I’m looking forward to our meeting next week when we discuss Cold Mountain. Great book, especially for a debut.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Our book club read Cold Mountain a bunch of years ago – I thought it was excellent. I think I would like participating in a book group that’s led by a library or a book store. (I do the mystery one at our library). We already have our book list for next year – that way people can choose the months they want to come. Thanks for stopping by – hope you’re doing well – take a walk to that beautiful water’s edge for me 🙂

      1. I will take a walk tomorrow, Barbara. Seems I was too busy for it today. 😊
        I wish our book club had it all mapped out in a list like that. Perhaps I’ll make a suggestion. Loved Cold Mountain!

      2. I tried to get my other one to do that, but it didn’t work. Since the mystery club is for my job, I have everyone vote then I make the schedule. I feel much better knowing it’s all set!

  10. I’m an active participant and moderator in the Outlander Book Club, which is dedicated to the Outlander series, but we also do group reads of classics and have a different Book of the Month each month, so we really do mix things up and read all sorts of wonderful things. I’ve been involved for about 8 years now, and feel so blessed to have found this community of online friends!

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