BC Mom’s Author Update: Pamela Wight announces publication of new children’s picture book, Molly Finds Her Purr

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Pamela S. Wight is here to announce the publication of her newest children’s picture book, Molly Finds Her Purr.

I’m so pleased to be invited here on Book Club Mom’s Author Update page.

I’m what I like to call a “multi-genre” writer. I publish books of fiction as well as children’s picture books. Additionally, I’m working on an anthology of my flash fiction, which is a combination of fiction and non-fiction. I don’t think we writers need to be pigeonholed into one category. The more, the better! After all, the biggest asset we writers have is our IMAGINATION and CREATIVITY.

I’m excited that my next illustrated children’s book – MOLLY FINDS HER PURR – will be published on October 15. I truly love the message in this book and am thrilled with the illustrations by Shelley Steinle, artist extraordinaire. Shelley is also the illustrator for my first children’s book, Birds of Paradise, and I believe we merge our two talents of writing and illustrating into joyful messages for boys and girls (of any age). We’re both proud that Birds of Paradise is a Finalist in the International Book Awards (Children’s Literature).

In our new illustrated children’s book, Molly the Cat is lonely. No matter how hard she tries to make friends with birds, they all fly away from her. Even other cats don’t seem to like her. Friendless, Molly has no purr. But a wisecracking squirrel opens Molly’s eyes to a world in which friendship comes in all sizes, shapes, and species. This sweet tale shines with illustrations filled with affectionate humor that follow Molly’s search for the universal need of acceptance and love.

Molly Finds Her Purr is available beginning now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as from the publisher, Borgo Publishing. Discounted price for my blogging friends through Borgo. Just mention in the comments section that you follow Pam at Roughwighting.net.

Pam’s books of fiction are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in softback or e-book. And please check out her weekly blog at Roughwighting!

Links for Pamela S. Wight

Website/Blog: www.roughwighting.net
Facebook: @roughwighting
LinkedIn:  Pamela Wight
Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/12334429-pamela
Twitter: @pamelawight
Instagram: pam94920

Molly Finds Her Purr
Birds of Paradise
Twin Desires
The Right Wrong Man

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36 thoughts on “BC Mom’s Author Update: Pamela Wight announces publication of new children’s picture book, Molly Finds Her Purr

  1. I’ve read The Right Wrong Man (Kindle) and gave Birds of Paradise to my grand-daughter for her birthday. Of course, I will read Pam’s new book! Besides being a fantastic author, she is an enthusiastic promoter of other bloggers/authors. Thank you, Barbara and kudos to Pam!

    1. Can you feel it, Marian? The big huge hug I just sent you? I’m not as good a launcher as you are (wow, you are a super marketer but your book deserves it, and the more you get the word out, the better). However, with friends and supporters like Barbara, I can hide behind my introverted self and still shout out (behind my computer screen) – MOLLY IS HERE TO PLAY and tell her story of finding her purr. 🙂

  2. Many thanks Barbara for sharing my new picture book announcement. I hear from the publisher that pre-orders are in the mail. Let me know when yours arrives!

      1. I find the panic session the worst right after the first hour being published. All the possible errors and things that may have been forgotten come to mind.

    1. Ally – the amazing thing – and I mean the wonderful amazing thing – is that I didn’t go to bloggers asking for some promo space about my new book. These wonderful bloggers came to me and said, “Can I feature your new picture book?” Just blew me away (like the nor’easter wind we’re supposed to get tonight) – the generosity of bloggers.

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