Books with commanding titles – a new trend?

Nobody Move. Do Not Become Alarmed. Find Me. Give Me Your Hand. You Don’t Know Me. Forget You Know Me. Don’t worry, I’m not ordering you around – these are book titles!

I like thinking about book publishing trends and how important covers and titles are in grabbing the reader. I don’t about you, but these commanding titles certainly make me want to read what’s inside! Some of these books are new this year, one is from 2017 and one is due out next year.

Here’s a quick description of each (all from Goodreads):

Nobody Move by Philip Elliott (2019)

“Eddie Vegas made a terrible mistake. Now he has to pay the price. After a botched debt collection turned double murder, Eddie splits, desperate to avoid his employer, notorious L.A. crime boss Saul Benedict, and his men (and Eddie’s ex-partners), Floyd and Sawyer, as well as the police. Soon he becomes entangled with the clever and beautiful Dakota, a Native American woman fresh in the City of Angels to find her missing friend—someone Eddie might know something about. Meanwhile in Texas, ex-assassin Rufus, seeking vengeance for his murdered brother, takes up his beloved daggers one final time and begins the long drive to L.A. When the bodies begin to mount, Detective Alison Lockley’s hunt for the killers becomes increasingly urgent. As paths cross, confusion ensues, and no one’s entirely sure who’s after who. But one thing is clear: They’re not all getting out of this alive.”

Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy (2017)

“When Liv and Nora decide to take their families on a holiday cruise, everyone is thrilled. The ship’s comforts and possibilities seem infinite. The children – two eleven-year-olds, an eight-year-old, and a six-year-old—love the nonstop buffet and the independence they have at the Kids’ Club. But when they all go ashore in beautiful Central America, a series of minor misfortunes leads the families farther and farther from the ship’s safety. One minute the children are there, and the next they’re gone.

What follows is a riveting, revealing story told from the perspectives of the adults and the children, as the once-happy parents – now turning on one another and blaming themselves – try to recover their children and their lives.”

Find Me by André Aciman (2019)

“A follow-up to Aciman’s 2007 Call Me by Your Name. In Find Me, Aciman shows us Elio’s father, Samuel, on a trip from Florence to Rome to visit Elio, who has become a gifted classical pianist. A chance encounter on the train with a beautiful young woman upends Sami’s plans and changes his life forever.

Elio soon moves to Paris, where he, too, has a consequential affair, while Oliver, now a New England college professor with a family, suddenly finds himself contemplating a return trip across the Atlantic.

Aciman is a master of sensibility, of the intimate details and the emotional nuances that are the substance of passion. Find Me brings us back inside the magic circle of one of our greatest contemporary romances to ask if, in fact, true love ever dies.”

Give Me Your Hand by Megan Abbott (2018)

“You told each other everything. Then she told you too much.

Kit has risen to the top of her profession and is on the brink of achieving everything she wanted. She hasn’t let anything stop her.

But now someone else is standing in her way – Diane. Best friends at seventeen, their shared ambition made them inseparable. Until the day Diane told Kit her secret – the worst thing she’d ever done, the worst thing Kit could imagine – and it blew their friendship apart.

Kit is still the only person who knows what Diane did. And now Diane knows something about Kit that could destroy everything she’s worked so hard for.

How far would Kit go, to make the hard work, the sacrifice, worth it in the end? What wouldn’t she give up? Diane thinks Kit is just like her. Maybe she’s right. Ambition: it’s in the blood . . .”

You Don’t Know Me by Sara Foster (2020)

“Lizzie Burdett was eighteen when she vanished, and Noah Carruso has never forgotten her. She was his first crush, his unrequited love. She was also his brother’s girlfriend.

Tom Carruso hasn’t been home in over a decade. He left soon after Lizzie disappeared, under a darkening cloud of suspicion, and now he’s back for the inquest into Lizzie’s death – intent on telling his side of the story.

As the inquest looms, Noah meets Alice Pryce on holiday. They fall for each other fast and hard, but Noah can’t bear to tell Alice his deepest fears. And Alice is equally stricken – she carries a terrible secret of her own.

Is the truth worth telling if it will destroy everything?”

Forget You Know Me by Jessica Strawser (2019)

“When a video call between friends captures a shocking incident no one was supposed to see, the secrets it exposes threaten to change their lives forever.

Molly and Liza have always been enviably close. Even after Molly married Daniel, the couple considered Liza an honorary family member. But after Liza moved away, things grew more strained than anyone wanted to admit—in the friendship and the marriage.

When Daniel goes away on business, Molly and Liza plan to reconnect with a nice long video chat after the kids are in bed. But then Molly leaves the room to check on a crying child.

What Liza sees next will change everything.”

I like books that are about relationships and hint at secrets and suspense. There’s some of that in all of these books and I know I’ll be putting them  on my ever-growing list. Have you read any of them? Are any on your list?

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

22 thoughts on “Books with commanding titles – a new trend?

  1. I agree, these books have commanding titles with bold typefaces. I believe these may suggest a trend. Thanks for gathering all these in one post, Barbara!

    My memoir does not have a commanding title, but I think it suggests a nostalgic tone, which is what I was after.

  2. No, I haven’t read any of these and look forward to your reviews. 🙂 Sad to say, but in truth I think people do buy books just based on the title. Laughing at myself for saying that, because my two books of romantic suspense are rather eye-catching: THE RIGHT WRONG MAN and TWIN DESIRES. 🙂 🙂

    1. Some readers just grab what calls out to them – it could be a title or a cover. I’m a little of both you and that kind. It depends on my mood. Thanks for reading and commenting, Robbie.

  3. I’d not thought of how the titles of these books are commands and now I’m fascinated by the trend. I’ve never heard of any of these books, but now will think of you whenever I see a novel with a command for a title. Great observation.

  4. Haven’t read any of these books, but it is certainly food for thought. Titles and covers are so important for the success of a book and these definitely make you stand to attention. So now I’m thinking about the non-fiction book I’m just finishing that’s about Basilicata, Italy. I hadn’t considered: Go to Basilicata!

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