BC Mom’s Author Update: Leaving the Beach by Mary Rowen

Welcome to Book Club Mom’s Author Update. Open to all authors who want to share news with readers. I recently caught up with Mary Rowen, who has news about her book Leaving the Beach. Here’s what Mary has to say:

Happy New Year to all, and thanks a million to Book Club Mom for inviting me onto her wonderful site to provide a quick author update. Some of you may recall that Barb kindly reviewed my novel, Leaving the Beach early in 2019 (read her review here). Since then, Leaving the Beach—along with two of my other novels—was acquired by Evolved Publishing. And I couldn’t be happier. I’m now lucky enough to work with amazing editor Jessica West, and cover designer Kabir Shah has given the books a fresh and beautiful new look.

Leaving the Beach tells the story of Erin Reardon, a music-obsessed woman who grows up in the working-class beach town of Winthrop, MA, where I lived during my twenties. Like Erin, I struggled terribly with eating disorders, although I’m grateful to report that I’ve made a full recovery—thanks to great therapy and wonderful support from family and friends. I’m also a huge music fan, and believe wholeheartedly in the power of music to unite people and heal emotional wounds. So even though Leaving the Beach is pure fiction, a lot of the events in the story are based on my memories and experiences.

If you’re interested, Leaving the Beach is available at all the other standard online places, and can be ordered at most bookstores if it’s not in stock when you visit. If you’d like more info, check out this recent review on Publishers Weekly here.

Find more information about Mary and Leaving the Beach at these links:
Leaving the Beach on Amazon
Mary Rowen Amazon Author page
Mary Rowen blog
Twitter @maryjrowen
Mary Rowen on Goodreads

Reach Mary by email: mary@pocomotech.com

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12 thoughts on “BC Mom’s Author Update: Leaving the Beach by Mary Rowen

    1. Hi Robbie – I’m late in getting back to my comments. I had to be away from the blog for a bit! I think you would like Leaving the Beach – I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the visit 🙂

  1. Evolved Publishing – I like the name and look forward to hearing more about this publishing company and your books, Mary. My daughter-in-law grew up in Winthrop! I just bought Leaving the Beach for my kindle. 🙂

    1. Hi Pam – sorry for the belated response – I was reading a long book and had to stay off the blog to get it done! Thanks for reading about Mary’s news. I think you will enjoy Leaving the Beach – I loved all the music references! And yes, Evolved Publishing is a good name, isn’t it?

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