Quick Twitter poll – fly on over and vote your preference!

Hi Everyone,

I’m doing a quick Twitter poll on reader preferences. If you’re a Tweeter, check it out! If you’re not on Twitter, leave your preference in the comments. Thanks!


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16 thoughts on “Quick Twitter poll – fly on over and vote your preference!

    1. Hi Susan, I used to only read fiction, but I’ve discovered some great nonfiction – I especially like the nonfiction narrative genre. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I don’t use my Twitter account so I am commenting here. Theoretically I would say fiction, but I do read a lot of history and have noticed over the years that many history writers today bring their subjects to life in as rich a way as a good novelist.

  2. Barbara, I don’t know whether I am helpful when I say, non-fiction when I am home, fiction when I am away, especially camping. Now that I think about it, the category of non-fiction can be a grey area. I hope this helps.

    1. HI Erica/Erika – thanks for voting – yes I think nonfiction has become a lot more like fiction in format. Maybe that’s why I’ve enjoyed more of it lately.

  3. I’m on Twitter, but so late to respond to your post that it makes more sense to comment here. But you’re giving me a Sophie’s choice in voting for fiction or nonfiction. Since you’re twisting my arm, I’ll say fiction. But really, I’m just a sucker for a compelling story well-told, whether it really happened or not.

    1. Hi Jan – I’ve been reading a lot more nonfiction lately. There are so many well-done narratives out there. It helps that I work in a library and we have two huge displays of nonfiction. That’s where I get my ideas!

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