Quick Twitter poll – fly on over and vote your preference!

Hi Everyone,

I’m doing a quick Twitter poll on reader preferences. If you’re a Tweeter, check it out! If you’re not on Twitter, leave your preference in the comments. Thanks!


Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

16 thoughts on “Quick Twitter poll – fly on over and vote your preference!

  1. I don’t use my Twitter account so I am commenting here. Theoretically I would say fiction, but I do read a lot of history and have noticed over the years that many history writers today bring their subjects to life in as rich a way as a good novelist.

  2. Barbara, I don’t know whether I am helpful when I say, non-fiction when I am home, fiction when I am away, especially camping. Now that I think about it, the category of non-fiction can be a grey area. I hope this helps.

  3. I’m on Twitter, but so late to respond to your post that it makes more sense to comment here. But you’re giving me a Sophie’s choice in voting for fiction or nonfiction. Since you’re twisting my arm, I’ll say fiction. But really, I’m just a sucker for a compelling story well-told, whether it really happened or not.

    1. Hi Jan – I’ve been reading a lot more nonfiction lately. There are so many well-done narratives out there. It helps that I work in a library and we have two huge displays of nonfiction. That’s where I get my ideas!

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