Who’s That Indie Author? David Ruggerio

Author name:  David Ruggerio

Genre:  Horror

Book: A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men, and Monsters

What’s your story and how did you become a writer?  David Ruggerio, is a well-known celebrity chef and restaurant owner in New York City. Ruggerio honed his culinary skills in France at several of the country’s leading restaurants, among them, the Hotel Negresco with famed chef Jacques Maximin; Moulin de Mougins with renowned chef Roger Verge; l’Auberge du Pont de Collonges with legendary chef Paul Bocuse, and Les Pres d’Eugenie with mythical chef, Michel Guerard.

His rise to fame began as the chef at the legendary New York eatery, La Caravelle. At the time Ruggerio was only twenty-five years old and garnished rave reviews as the restaurant was hailed as one of the best in the country. He went on to take command of Pierre Cardin’s New York outpost of Maxim’s de Paris where he unbelievably garnished three stars from the New York Times. He then took his talents to the iconic Park Avenue restaurant, Le Chantilly. Here he gained national acclaim by again receiving three stars from the New York Times. David has cooked for five US Presidents.

He was honored in 1995 by noted vintner Robert Mondavi as one of the thirteen best young chefs in America. He went on to star in his own popular PBS cooking series entitled, Little Italy with David Ruggerio. He later went on to star in his own iconic series on Food Network entitled, Ruggerio to Go.

David has written two acclaimed cookbooks which were published by Artisan books, Little Italy with David Ruggerio and David Ruggerio’s Italian Kitchen.

How do you balance your work with other demands?  I wake up daily at 4am and write till 8am. At that time of the morning there is little distraction, I focus completely on writing.

Name one of the happiest moments in your life:  Without a doubt, the birth of my children.

What’s your approach to writing? Are you a “pantser” or a planner?  The only thing I plan is the time I set aside to write. Other than that, I sit in front of my laptop with little planned. I write as it comes to my mind.

Could you write in a café with people around?  Absolutely not, I can’t work with distractions. I can’t even write with music playing.

Have you ever written dialogue in a second language? If so, how did you do it?  Yes, I do take liberty injecting French in particular. French and Italian are second languages for me, so it comes somewhat easy.

What’s your favorite book and what are you reading now?  Right now, I reading Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven and Grant by Ron Chernow. It’s hard to put my finger on one single book, but since I recognize with horror, then it would be Salem’s Lot by Stephen King.

What’s your favorite way to read a book: hardcover, paperback, eReader?  First and foremost, hardcover. I need to feel the book, so eReaders are a no-go for me.

Do you think print books will always be around?  I hope so, that includes newspapers (although I think they will be the first to disappear). There is something special about the feel of a book, the text on a computer screen will never be a replacement.

Would you ever read a book on your phone?  No! God, I hope it never comes to that.

What’s your go-to device? iPhone, Android or something else?  iPhone

How long could you go without checking your phone?  Not more than an hour, although when I lie in bed, I do not pick it up.

Do you listen to audiobooks? If you do, what do you do while you’re listening?  Love them! I love to take long drives, and I often listen to them as I drive.

Do you like using social media to promote yourself and your book? If so, what’s your favorite platform?  I do use as many platforms as possible. They are inexpensive methods of promoting yourself. Although I find when someone else promotes you, it’s much more effective.

Website and social media links:
Food Website: davidruggerio.com
Business Website: canvasbackfarms.com
Book Website: ruggeriobooks.com
YouTube Channel: David Ruggerio
Facebook: David Ruggerio
Twitter: @DavidRuggerio
Instagram: david.ruggerio
Goodreads: David Ruggerio
Amazon: David Ruggerio
Pinterest: David Ruggerio
Linkedin: David Ruggerio
Tumblr: chefdavidruggerio.tumblr.com

Awards/special recognition:  A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men, and Monsters– PenCraft Award 2019 Winner – Horror; Maxy Award 2019 Winner- Horror

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12 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? David Ruggerio

  1. There’s much to admire about David and his accomplishments, especially his devoting 4-8 a.m. daily for writing only. As to genre, I prefer “Chef’s Table” style writing to the horror genre. Maybe it’s an escape: Cheers for the awards!

    Thanks for this tasteful feature, Barbara.

    1. Hi Marian – I think the horror genre has a big fan base. I like psychological thrillers the best. And “Chef’s Table” that’s appetizing. Nice word play, Marian 😉 and thanks for visiting!

      1. Hi Marian,

        Thank you so much for your kind words. My next book, which is coming out on June 11th, is not horror. It is a romance novel based in Brooklyn during 1977. It is entitled ”Say Goodbye and Goodnight.” It’s a light read.
        Next is my memoir, a behind the scenes look at the fine dining New York and France during the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. It’s a bit wild.

        Warmest Regards,
        Dave Ruggerio

    1. My friends call me ”Farmer John, ” for getting up so early. Yet I must tell you, at that time there are no distractions, and after putting in four or five hours, it’s wonderful to see that the entire day is still ahead. I know it’s not for everyone.

      Dave Ruggerio

      1. I am also an early riser and I relate to how nice it is to accomplish things early then see that the entire day is ahead. That said, I often fall asleep early at night!

  2. Not being into cooking shows or books I’m not familiar with David, but I’ve enjoyed your interview with him.

    1. Thank you Patrick. If your interested in my past goofy antics, I have a Youtube channel-David Ruggerio- there is a selection of videos from both PBS and Food Network.

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