Book Review: Yellow Door by C. Faherty Brown

Yellow Door
C. Faherty Brown


If you’re looking for something calming to read, take a look at Yellow Door by C. Faherty Brown, a quiet reflection of one woman’s bold choice to upend her life.

The author describes the book as “a journal of a wish lived out, in fiction.” “When you have a wish” she explains, “you imagine it, how it will be, how it will happen. Instead of imagining it and leaving it in my thoughts, I wrote it down. I created my wish and lived it in this book. It is adventure, perhaps low key, but it is a real wish. A wish of travel, exploration, living on an island, visiting history, learning and discovering about a place. And about myself.”

As Faherty describes, it’s a fictional journal of a woman who quits her job, sells her house and rents a cottage on an isolated island off Ireland, much to the shock of her friends and family. Although open to day visitors and some overnighters, the only people who live on the island are the narrator and the island’s caretakers.

Her desire is to escape from a hectic life with an undefined meaningful purpose, from the constant bombardment of media, political dissention and too much technology and return to a simple life. And she wants to write. It starts as a private blog (she has internet for that), for her close friends and family. Named “Yellow Door” after her new home’s door, her daily posts are both updates and a glimpse of her private thoughts.

Her journey across the ocean is, of course, a metaphor for the journey she takes in her mind and soul. Experiencing the beauty of nature and understanding her place in the world and chronicling her time there are some of the steps she takes. She learns what is important for her, which is not to isolate herself from people, but from the traps of modern life. She welcomes tourists and wants to know them. Her other goal is to learn as much as she can about the island’s history, its people and what it was like to have lived there centuries ago.

I enjoyed this introspective read. Brown’s unique writing style has created a brave and humble character, someone who is open and easy to know. Yellow Door is a great way to imagine how a simple life can refresh and redirect your inner self.

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22 thoughts on “Book Review: Yellow Door by C. Faherty Brown

  1. Barbara, thank you so much for the review. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think I love that you call the character brave, and humble. I appreciated everything you wrote. But those traits make me feel good about writing this. ❤

    1. Yes, it’s a peaceful and introspective book. I enjoyed reading it! I was just over on your blog because I think I somehow unfollowed you. But I think it’s all good now 🙂 Take care!

  2. This sounds very interesting, Barbara. I don’t think I could make such a big life change, but then again, I think I’ve had to recently, so maybe I could live in an island all alone.

    1. Hi Robbie. Thanks for visiting. Yes, this is the author’s fantasy, to go off alone like that. I might be able to do it for a week, but I would miss my family. We’ve all made big changes now though, so who knows?

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