Blog views and other obsessions – switching to new WordPress Block Editor on June 1


You’ve probably already seen this announcement after you log in, but it snuck up on me. As of June 1, the old classic editor is out and the new WordPress Block Editor is in.

A brief explanation:

If you’ve launched your site in the past year and a half you may have never seen our older editor and are likely already using the more recent WordPress editor. Those of you who have an older site, though, might recognize this editing experience…Read more here.

I talked about this in an earlier post and there was a lot of discussion. Since then, I’ve only had a little bit of experience using the Block Editor on my other blog. I was hoping to have more practice before the launch. I guess we will all get used to the new one, but I’m sure there will be growing pains!

Are you ready?

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

40 thoughts on “Blog views and other obsessions – switching to new WordPress Block Editor on June 1

  1. Hi, Barb – I am totally NOT ready. I have been keeping my head firmly in the sand about this whole thing hoping that it would go away. I haven’t even done one practice session. If you don’t see any posts from me after June 1 it will mean that I have simply run away screaming!

  2. Barbara, thanks for letting us know … I wasn’t aware that the old editor was being totally phased out on the 1st of June. I reckon this will catch many unawares and cause some frustration at a time when we need less stress. Luckily I’ve been using the new editor for a long while but feel for others just getting to grips with it.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend. 😀

  3. Yes, I’ve been using the Gutenberg editor for near 18 months now. Over that time, it’s been vastly improved and has given me an even better blogging experience than I could have ever expected. I wouldn’t go back to using the classic editor, although do know of some bloggers who use it when inserting photo galleries into a post.

    Although WordPress has said they are retiring the classic editor, it will still be available to those who have been blogging since the block editor was first introduced. It can be accessed through the classic editor block, or you can simply switch to using it from the dashboard of your blog. However, any future errors or bugs on the classic editor will take longer to fix, and by the end of this year, WordPress plan to remove support for it altogether. Once that happens, no errors with the classic editor will be fixed. So, you’ve still got 7 months to get used to using the block editor, Barbara.

    When I first started using the block editor, I set up a draft post and practised using it from there. It took me about a month to get used to it before I started publishing blog posts with it.

    Hope that all helps and reassures anyone that the Classic editor isn’t disappearing altogether on June 1st.

  4. I’m in Annika’s camp. I wasn’t aware of this until I saw a few comments on WP yesterday. I haven’t gotten any message from WP, so maybe they forgot me. 🙂

  5. Egad……….I knew the ‘Cheese was moving’ although I did not know when. I read all of the above comments and Hugh’s ‘it took me about a month to get used to it’ (from an experience, blogging guru) makes me say egad………..

  6. I thought I read that there will be a classic editor option within the new editor for a while yet. I’ll cling as long as I can. I tried the new editor early on and after several frustrating hours reverted back to classic.

  7. I am definitely not ready. As you say, it seemed as though we had time… I might continue with the Classic editor option mentioned in the link for a while. As I’m going to be publishing my second book soon, I thought I’d start an author website in addition to the site with my blog – something small and simple. So maybe I’ll tackle the blocks on the new site.

    1. Hey Stephanie – I’m just getting back to replying to comments! Have you noticed that it’s June 2 and the classic editor is still around? I should probably whisper that… Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hi Barbara, I’ve been using the block editor since I moved from Blogger to WordPress a year ago. I knew at the time that the classic editor will be phased out so I got on board with the block editor right away. It’s been a very good tool for me. No fear, my friend, it’s just an editor 🙂

    1. Hi Natalie – yes, I’m not terribly worried, because I use the block editor on my new blog, but I haven’t experimented with it much and I don’t feel like learning anything new right now. I know it’ll all be good, though. Thanks for reading!

  9. I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s not that bad! Hopefully people will be able to transition smoothly.

    1. Like anything new, we don’t like to make the change, but ultimately we will have to. I can’t worry about it too much, though. Thanks for reading, Lorilin.

  10. I switched to the new editor on my other blog, Roberta Writes this past weekend. I have written two posts using it and they have both been easy to put together. I actually really like it. Very neat and organised.

    1. That’s what I’m hoping for, Robbie. My blog hasn’t switched over yet, but my Books to Pen blog already has the block editor, so I have a little idea of what it’s like. Thanks for reading, sorry for the long delay in my reply! Hope you are doing well.

  11. I haven’t tried the new editor yet, for two reasons: 1) I’m a big believer in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”….and since the old one was working just fine, I saw no reason to learn a new one just because someone at Word Press decided to change things up, and 2) when I first saw the invitation to use the new editor, it said it was going to “level up” my writing. Seriously? I can only hope it’s not hard to learn, because I have no time for spending hours trying to figure out a new editor format.

    1. Hi Ann. I hadn’t heard the “level up” phrase applied to the block editor. So far, WP hasn’t switched me over yet, so I’m keeping a low profile!. I’ll have to deal with it eventually, though. Thanks for reading and commenting. I hope you are doing well.

  12. I wish I could understand why software like this has to change, when there was nothing wrong with it in th first place. When I tried once to use the new block editor, I didn’t find it user friendly. Egads!

    1. Hi Jennifer. Well I guess we will find out. But WP hasn’t switched me over yet – maybe they are having second thoughts. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Sorry for the delayed response!

  13. No, I’m not ready, Barbara. But I guess I should look into it before there’s no choice. When things are working just fine, I’m not big into changes. Thanks for the heads up. 🥰

  14. I saw the announcement, Barb, and I’m nervous about the change. I’m still on the old-old version. *Sigh* Hopefully it will be intuitive and I will figure it out without too much pain. 🙂 Good Luck!

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