Book Club Mom’s April, May and June recap

It’s no coincidence that I haven’t posted a monthly recap since this pandemic started. I haven’t felt like there was much to say or report. But now that three months have passed, I thought I’d better get the recaps back on schedule.

I’m sure we are all doing many of the same things. The empty shelves were really frightening to me in the beginning, but now the grocery store seems to be much better stocked. I missed out on the mad paper products run back in March, but we made it through without running out just the same.

I’ve been cooking and baking a lot. Have you?

I’ve mentioned our bird feeder in other posts. It has been a major form of entertainment for us and the subject of many conversations. Here a woodpecker is pretending no one will notice that he’s way too big to be on the feeder. He doesn’t care and jams his beak in there to get whatever he can get.

Last week we had a summer rain right before dinner and soon we had a pretty rainbow. Rainbows never get old, do they?

So, on to the blog. Here are links to my posts in April, May and June, in case you missed them.

Book Reviews

A Mother for His Twins by Jill Weatherholt
Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes
The Tenant by Katrine Engberg
A Hero of France by Alan Furst
Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
Woman on the Edge by Samantha M. Bailey
Yellow Door by C. Faherty Brown
The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary
The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead
The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie
Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano
Outsider by Linda Castillo

Marian Longenecker Beaman
Jason R. Koivu
Matthew Arnold Stern
Eileen Stephenson
Christy Cooper-Burnett
Cendrine Marrouat
Alice Benson
Lillian McCloy
John W. Howell
Darlene Foster
Dorothy A. Winsor
C. Faherty Brown
Graeme Cumming

Miscellaneous book and blog talk

Short reviews from 2013: The Cay, The Giver and Orphan Train
Blog views and other obsessions – coping with the coronavirus part 2
On animals, nature, books and live feeds
On YouTube today – books coming up and what I’ve been doing
Pretty, colorful and unique book covers
On audiobooks and coloring
Blog views and other obsessions – switching to new WordPress Block Editor on June 1
On virtual book hauling
Book talk – epistolary novels
Celebrating 7 years of blogging!

How are you doing? Did you settle in to this new way of life? Are you now adjusting to re-openings? Leave a comment and tell me how it’s been.

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

28 thoughts on “Book Club Mom’s April, May and June recap

  1. Hi Barbara, It has been an unprecedented three months. We also have bird feeders meant for the hummingbirds, although different birds come for a visit. I thoroughly enjoyed “A Mother for his Twins” last Fall. I am looking forward to Jill’s upcoming book. I read every single Agatha Christie book years ago. I would likely enjoy rereading them. I have yet to switch to the Block Editor. Around here we are still very cautious with restrictions lifting. Small bubbles, social distancing, masks are becoming more of a normal thing. Seeing my children and grandchildren has been a huge thrill. Nice to read your update. 🙂

    1. Hi Erica/Erika – great to hear from you! I’m glad you are enjoying your bird feeders too. It’s fun to see the different types of birds that visit. I had never read an Agatha Christie book before this one, but a woman who attended our library book group last month had read them all! As for the block editor, I haven’t switched either and it seems like they aren’t forcing it yet. That’s fine with me. Glad you can see your children and grandchildren more. That’s what it’s all about 🙂 Take care.

  2. It’s very strange for sure. It was lovely to have my college sons home unexpectedly for a few months, but now one just graduated and moved out (luckily his job is still on), and the other one might be returning to school in the fall. Jury’s still out on that!

    1. Hi Carrie – yes we have kids at home too and it’s been nice. We will see what happens in the fall with college and high school. My son’s college will be open. As for the high school, we haven’t heard. Thanks for stopping in 🙂

  3. It has been a weird 3 months, Barbara. South Africa went into lock down far to early when there were hardly any cases. Now our infections are doubling weekly and people are dying everything has reopened. I haven’t been anywhere other than the physio once a week and once to the shopping centre to get needed winter clothes. My office reopened and two weeks later closed due to cases of the virus in the office.They had to deep clean again and it reopens again today. I’m not going in and my boys are still home schooling.

    1. I am worried the same thing will happen here, Robbie. We entered the Green Phase of re-opening, and our county has a declining number of cases. But our state is already experiencing a surge in new cases. I’m back to the library, but also working from home when I can. I go in today for 4 hours, then back home for a Zoom meeting. Wishing this would all go away, but we are nowhere near that stage. Thanks for commenting. Take care and stay safe.

  4. Barbara, it’s interesting when one doesn’t think life has been busy in the last few months to realise how full it has been … your post brimming with books and writerly news! We are being very cautious as restrictions are eased and letting others dash off to opening pubs, museums etc! I had the unexpected long stay at home of my son as his first year at uni came to an abrupt end; even in dark times blessings and it’s been a balm to all be together. Oh, nature seems to have rejuvenated and our bird feeders a joy to view, no woodpeckers though glorious goldfinches galore! Take care, my friend! Xx

    1. Hi Annika. Thanks so much for stopping by. I did get a lot of reading done, even though I felt like I was in a slump for a while. We are also being cautious as things are reopening. I’m so glad you have had time with your son. We have the same here with kids at home and doing school virtually. The fall will bring different things for both and we will all just have to hope for the best. As for the bird feeders, we had a lot of goldfinches in the beginning, but then I had to get a different kind of birdfeed, so now we have a different variety and an occasional finch. Those yellow birds are so pretty – glad you have a good supply of them! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Stay safe 🙂

  5. It’s hard to believe it’s been over three months since all this craziness. I’ve enjoyed the extra time at home. I have been able to do a lot of writing. Time in my story world has been a great escape. I finished my first draft of my next book, so hopefully I can stay on track. Our bird feeders have been busy, especially with American goldfinches and of course the hummingbirds. Thanks for mentioning my book and of course for your lovely review. It’s very much appreciated. Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July, Barbara!

    1. HI Jill – I think we are all finding a new rhythm with all this time at home. I can’t say I’m always okay with it, but that’s when I go out for walks. So glad your writing has been so productive. That’s fantastic. I’m looking forward to reading your new book – we will get it at the library too! Take care and looking forward to your next “Would You Rather” – 🙂

  6. Things are getting back to normal here in our corner of Spain as we all weathered the storm quite well. The pool is not open yet and it´s getting hot but we are managing. We are somewhat concerned that the vacationers are being allowed in and hope they do not bring any germs with them. I got lots of reading and writing done so the lockdown was not all bad. We were allowed to take our dog out for short walks so that helped. Stay safe!

    1. Hi Darlene – glad your part of the world is doing well. We have started re-opening, but I’m a little concerned about what will happen. There are lots of benefits to staying home so much – lots of reading and writing, as you say! Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  7. I have only put one humming bird feeder out….but the squirrels have been VERY out spoken the past month. Yesterday I thought for sure they were planning an attack on ME. They kept getting closer, and louder….I’m pretty sure something is afoot!

    1. Squirrels are aggressive. We don’t have trees in our back yard, but one or two have been trying to climb the feeder pole. No luck yet but they are persistent! Do you have any chipmunks?

      1. No chipmunks ‘here’. But nearby. And they are ALWAYS on the bike trails we go to. A squirrel today did not care one little bit about us working on bikes and moving around today. Came right up between us all because we were in it’s way. I have to say….I was a little intimidated. 😅

  8. Things have settled down here – hubby is back at the office, grocery store shelves are stocked for the most part. We’ve even been out to eat a couple times. It’s still suprising how many people aren’t wearing masks in public. Hope things go well at the library for you, Barbara!

    1. Thanks, Teri. Our governor just announced that everyone must wear a mask when they leave their homes. I’ve seen a lot of rogue mask-wearing out there. We’ll see if anything changes.

  9. Well, since I work from home, not a whole lot has changed for me, except that I can’t go to concerts (but you knew that already – LOL). Like the bird feeder. We get lots of hummingbirds visiting our flowers. This morning we had one come right up to the glass and hover for a minute, looking at us. Pretty magical. Have a happy 4th.

    1. They are amazing to watch, Jeff. It’s great you can work from home. I have been lucky that way too, although now I’m going in to work but I still have the option to work from home on some days. Happy 4th 🙂

  10. Hi Barbara, these are strange times indeed, aren’t they? Life has calmed down quite a bit here as there have been no active cases on the island for weeks now, but today we’ve opened our borders and have become a part of the Atlantic bubble which takes in three other provinces. So who knows how that will pan out? Time will tell!
    On the domestic front, I can’t get my tried and true brand of yeast for breadmaking anymore, and I’ve had mixed results with a substitute. Oh well, things could be worse, I guess. 🙂

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