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Are you working on a new book? Have you won an award or a writing contest? Did you just update your website? Maybe you just want to tell readers about an experience you’ve had. Book Club Mom’s Author Update is a great way to share news and information about you and your books.

Email Book Club Mom at for more information.

Open to all authors – self-published, indie, big-time and anything in between. Author submissions are limited to one per author in a six-month period.

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12 thoughts on “Share your news on Book Club Mom’s Author Update

  1. To the grand book supporter: Just a wee bit of encouragement yesterday from a reader:

    I subscribe to a Facebook group Growing Up in Elizabethtown, PA, my hometown. Just this morning a reader who now lives in Florida told me she bought her mother a copy of my memoir, and I believe one for herself. Her mother, now in her nineties, was also a tax collector in an adjoining township to my Aunt Ruthie, a huge figure in my early life. She mentioned her mother doesn’t read much but enjoyed the story because she knew the setting and many of the characters. I asked her, gently, to write a review, the hardest thing for readers to do and the most appreciated gift to a writer. 🙂

    Thanks for the invitation to share here, Barbara!

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