New Review of Encounters: Relationships in Conflict by Fred H Rohn

New Review of Encounters: Relationships in Conflict β€”

26 thoughts on “New Review of Encounters: Relationships in Conflict by Fred H Rohn

  1. Sounds like it will offer wisdom too. So cool that that’s your dad’s book. I think I once blogged a review of my mom’s book too, about rambling travels and the variety of life in our country. (Heading South: Tales from the RV Trail, in case you’re wondering.)

    1. Oh, thank you. My dad passed away soon after Encounters was published. He’d be so pleased to know that people are still talking about it. That’s great that your mom wrote a travel book. I’ll have to take a look – thanks!

      1. My mom has another book, co-written with her dad about his solo sailing around the world as an old man–twice. It’s called Around the World in 80 Years. The reason I mention it is, it seemed her dad was hanging on until the book got published. He died a week shy of 97. Since, as you know, it’s a slow process to get published, she managed quite a few more years for him.

      2. Oh your mom and grandfather’s book sounds really interesting. The last two years of my father’s life were really special to me because he had a burst of creativity and I was lucky to become part of the process. I’m going to take a look at Around the World in 80 Years. I’m trying to be more active on my dad’s website and think this would be an interesting post. Would you like to be a part of that?

      3. That sounds good – I’m starting to promote my dad’s books, but I have to juggle a bunch of things right now, so let me take a look at your mom’s/grandfather’s books and think of some questions. Thanks!

      4. Oh, great, thanks for this! It may take me a bit to get around to doing this, but I’ll make sure I do. I’ve been super busy outside of the blog this month. Hope you’re doing well!

    1. Thanks, Jill! My dad would have enjoyed seeing the reviews. I told him about a few of them that were posted before he passed away and I know he liked that πŸ™‚ Thanks for the visit!

    1. Hi Marian – thank you for these comments. My dad wrote two books in the last few years of his life. He was a writing machine and would develop stories while lying in bed at night, then write them down longhand in the morning. Thanks for the visit πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Ann. Yes, he had a business career, but wrote in his spare time. He wrote a couple accounting books early in his career, but he wrote a memoir a couple years before he died and he also enjoyed writing fiction.

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