Book Club Mom’s Author Update – Carrie Rubin

Author name: Carrie Rubin

Genre: Medical Thrillers

Book: The Bone Hunger

During these pandemic times, I’ve remained focused on my writing (or at least I’ve tried to…) and have some book updates to share. Thank you so much, Barbara, for the opportunity.

Last month, Book 2 in my Benjamin Oris series about a man of science who faces otherworldly situations was released. In The Bone Hunger, a standalone thriller, Ben is now a second-year orthopedic surgery resident. When the severed limbs of his former patients start turning up in Philadelphia parks, he must once again bury his skepticism and risk his career to uncover the monstrous force behind the murders before someone close to him becomes the next victim. Publishers Weekly notes: “This is just the ticket for Robin Cook fans.”

And because I don’t always walk on the dark side, in June, my lighthearted cozy mystery, The Cruise Ship Lost My Daughter, was published under the pen name Morgan Mayer. Inspired by a cruise I accompanied my mother and stepfather on, it’s about a spry and tenacious octogenarian couple who go searching for their daughter on the same British Isles cruise she went missing from six weeks before.

Meanwhile, my agent has my newest manuscript on submission, and I’m working on another one I hope to submit to her by the end of November.

Thank you again, Barbara. Always a pleasure to visit Book Club Mom!


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46 thoughts on “Book Club Mom’s Author Update – Carrie Rubin

    1. You’re very welcome, Carrie – always love to have you. By the way, great covers – I get a scary feeling when I look at your new thriller and your cozy mystery one is just right for the genre!

  1. I do enjoy medical thrillers, Barbara. I remember Brain by Robin Cook as being my favourite of his works. So utterly creepy. Nice to meet another author in this genre. The other book about the missing daughter and cruise also sounds good.

    1. Hi Robbie and thanks for the visit. I’ve only read one Robin Cook book – Coma and that was written a long time ago! I also like medical thrillers and really enjoyed Carrie’s first in the series, The Bone Curse. And a cozy mystery is always fun.

  2. I remember reading Brain on Fire, non-fiction by Susan Cahalan, a medical mystery.

    Congrats to Carrie on your medical thriller which sounds like a riveting read, and thanks, Barbara, for hosting Carrie today.

    1. Hi Marian – I remember when Brain on Fire came out – I wanted to read it but somehow I’d forgotten about it. I think I will check it out. And thanks for stopping by to read Carrie’s book news!

  3. Hi Barbara,

    Thanks for introducing, Carrie. All of her books sound gripping! I like thrillers, so maybe I’ll gather up the courage and dive into her thrilling story-telling. 🙂
    ~Lauren 💗

    1. Thank you! I do miss blogging and visiting other people’s posts, but I just wasn’t getting as much writing done, so some things had to go. 😦

      Hope all is well with you!

    2. Hi Diana – I’ve read all except The Bone Hunger which is waiting on my Kindle. Thanks for stopping by. I miss Carrie’s blog too. I think we should persuade her to bring it back 🙂

      1. Hi Diana – Although I’m not doing any writing except blogging, I am constantly trying to balance between it, my job and my family commitments. Not always easy…

  4. Thank you! I do miss blogging and visiting other people’s posts, but I just wasn’t getting as much writing done, so some things had to go. 😦

    Hope all is well with you!

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