Book Club Mom’s Author Update: Giselle Roeder

Author name: Giselle Roeder

Genre: History/Memoir

Book: My Trilogy : The Nine Lives of Gila
We Don’t Talk About That
Flight Into The Unknown
Set Sail for Life After 50

News: My Trilogy: The Nine Lives of Gila

Gila – me, had an idyllic childhood on a small farm up to the beginning of WWII. I lived my first ten years under the Nazis; nothing much happened in our little world. When my aunt from Berlin came after the bombing to ask for cow manure to grow tomatoes on her balcony, I realized that ‘war’ was real. The first escapees arriving from East Prussia talked about the Russians following them, burning, plundering and raping. Evacuees from Berlin told how the flames from phosphor bombs burned people to death. The Russian army arrived in February 1945; I watched horrible atrocities. When the Russians left, the Polish army came and evicted us. We had 10 minutes to get out of our house. With thousands of people, we walked weeks towards the Oder river, the new border of Germany-Poland. No idea where to go, sleeping under the stars, even surviving diphtheria, and a few months later, typhoid fever.

For the next ten years, I grew up a teenager in East Germany. I had to fight for my education but succeeded in becoming a Physical Education teacher. I had not joined the Communist Party, mandatory for teachers. My principal insisted – unless I ‘sleep’ with him or report me. My dad advised me to escape to West Germany. My east education meant nothing in the west; I started from zero. An unwanted affair with a person in power almost drove me to suicide. I longed to get away, get out of Germany. Away from a stalker. I covered the first thirty years in my memoir, We Don’t Talk About That.

Through an advert, I started corresponding with a Canadian man with a child in Vancouver. His well-to-do German parents smartly manipulated me into marrying him before I knew him. Just weeks after arriving in Canada, I had a rude awakening. With limited English and all my earthly belongings in a container on the high seas, I had no chance to leave. After many trials and tribulations, I was successful in business and a welcome guest on radio stations across North America. Flight Into The Unknown is the story of my immigration.

Now I’m busy writing the finale to my adventurous life, Set Sail for Life After 50.

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13 thoughts on “Book Club Mom’s Author Update: Giselle Roeder

  1. Author headshots are usually so-so. I like the idea that this author put herself into a milieu of books, a great idea. Probably her book is just as interesting. Thanks, Barbara

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