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One of the things I’ve found frustrating about Facebook pages is that the news feed feature disappeared one day without explanation and the pages I liked through my pages wound up on my personal news feed. That feed is now a mess. I barely look at it and never interact because it’s just too complicated to switch back and forth between my personal account and my pages.

I recently got a tip (thank you A!) that if you change your pages to business pages, you can access the news feed so I jumped on Facebook to check it out. At first, after I switched them to business pages, I had trouble seeing the news feed, then I found a hack that instructed me to add /news_feed to the URL. Voila! It was back, or so I thought. When I went through my feed, I only found posts from a few pages I liked, but most of the feed looked like paid posts.

I hopped over to my Books to Pen page, did the hack and got an official welcome to the Facebook News Feed. Yay! I followed the steps that prompted me to follow pages I’d already liked and off I went, tapping Follow for each. About halfway through, I was bounced out of Facebook and had to log back in. When I got back on the Books to Pen page, I had a new button for News Feed and a pretty healthy feed, although I have no idea if all the pages I like will actually show up, since I wasn’t able to follow all of them. The same thing happened for my dad’s page.

Sometimes I get the News Feed button…

Today I went on Facebook to look at my pages’ news feeds and the buttons were gone. So I typed in the hack and got a message that the link was broken. Boo!

…and sometimes I don’t.

Well I fiddled around, jumping back and forth between my pages and using the hack and I eventually got the news feed button back for two of my three pages and I can access the third feed if I add news_feed to the URL.

I don’t know. Does Facebook even like us? And do they want us to interact with other FB folks?

Have you tried accessing the news feed for your pages? Leave a comment below.

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34 thoughts on “Blog views and other obsessions – Facebook pages and the news feed feature

    1. I think you’re right. Like other platforms, I find it incredible frustrating to have things change without explanation. Maybe that means I’m getting old, but most young people don’t even use FB. You’d think they’d cater more to that and stop changing things to make them more complicated. Thanks for the comment, Ally Bean!

  1. Seems like you’ve been jumping through hoops to get what you want from FB, but then you still don’t always get what you expect. I hope everything straightens out soon! It’s experiences like yours that make me think it’s okay that I don’t have a FB page.

  2. I don’t even try… to do what you did! But then, I am not you of Book Club Mom!

  3. Facebook banned my two “Business – book/culture” pages as “Australian media” for about a month earlier this year when the Australian government was in an argument with Facebook because they don’t pay taxes. I have a certain number of Australian followers, but I don’t think even 20%; however, I was categorized as Australian media. I filled out the complaint forms multiple times and never got an answer. Finally, one day it changed back because the two parties apparently worked something out. My page hasn’t been the same ever since as it would seem that because my followers didn’t see my posts for an extended period of time, my page fell off their “algorithm” of frequently viewed pages. Really frustrating, to say the least, and I think the only way to change it back is through paid advertising, which I have no intention of doing… Facebook knows what it’s up to.

    1. Hi Karen – wow that’s a frustrating thing to happen to you. I’d be totally fed up. The algorithms are ridiculous. I want to see everyone I follow in my feed. I agree with you that FB wants us to do paid advertising, something I will never do. Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you are doing well, apart from Facebook!

    1. Hi Donna. You’re smart to stay away. As you may know, I’m slightly “obsessed” with blogging and all its elements. I barely use FB on my personal account. Thanks for the visit!

  4. I can’t post my blogs on my page anymore because FB deems them inappropriate! Ever since being hacked last year..I’ve tried everything and of course there is no-one at FB to help. I suppose I could copy and paste but it’s too time consuming

  5. I don’t bother much with my Facebook Author page because it seems too complicated. However, every week I publish my blog post on my personal FB page: Some readers who do not subscribe to my blog find my posts there. That’s it for me. More power to you, Barbara!

    1. Hey Marian – that seems like the way to go for you. I like to know how things work, but FB has tried my patience. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Ever since I changed my FB page to a business page, I hate it. I keep getting notifications and when I check on them all I see are suggested pages to follow. Boo is right!

  7. So frustrating. I have a business page for my blog as an extension to my personal FB account. Maybe this explains why I get so little interaction or traffic from FB. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Hi Carol – I can’t figure it out. My 3 FB pages are all linked to my personal account. It’s such a mess! I wish I could get more interaction on FB, but I’m thinking it’s not worth the effort to understand. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. On my bad days, I think that all of social media (including Facebook and Word Press) are nothing but a giant experiment to see how badly you can treat people and have them still coming back for more…. I’m so sorry!

    1. Ha! I understand what you’re saying. Overall, I’m happy with WordPress (despite the new editor which I’ve gotten used to) and Twitter, but Facebook is such a mess! I also feel that way about iTunes and how much Apple hates Windows PCs, but that’s a different fight! Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

  9. Actually, I’m totally certain that FB hates us (maybe because mark doesn’t make money off of us). These stupid changes to our blog pages are insane.

    1. Hi Davida – I think you’re right about that. Facebook has grown/changed so much from what it was intended to be. Honestly, I don’t think they care.

      1. Did you know, they actually put the URL to my blog in their Jail. First for only a week, then for a month, and the last time, for SIX MONTHS! A BOOK REVIEW BLOG! Go figure!

      2. That’s nuts – I remember when I first opened my personal account, about a couple weeks later they closed it down for a week, for no reason.

  10. I can’t be of much help since I haven’t used FB in a long time but from what I remember it can be incredibly annoying and not very user friendly. Have you tried using the URL again recently because sometimes FB crashes and that may be why it wasn’t working.

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