On YouTube – This book has spills & scribbles!

Hi Everyone,

I’m over on YouTube today, showing you a book that has lots of spills and scribbles in it, but that’s okay with me. Come see why!

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14 thoughts on “On YouTube – This book has spills & scribbles!

  1. I find your videos amusing because though you are a highly organized woman, you are not afraid to ad-lib, even when bookmarks fall out .Brava!

    My go-to cookbook when I was a newly-wed was The Mennonite Community Cookbook, which I probably blogged about. There are so many splotches and spills on the pages, it’s hilarious. Most of the stains are from BUTTER, of course.

    I used to slavishly follow recipes. Now I do a lot of ad-libbing. Sometimes I just take a glance at the list of ingredients and “wing it” with the directions. I guess I feel entitled after 54 years of meal making.

    Loved this, Barbara!

  2. Southern Living always has such good recipes. A family favorite here, which everyone loves (rare!), is Country Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes. It’s a major thing here, but it’s so unhealthy that we only make it for special occasions. I e heard of the pampered chef parties, which are way over priced, but I’ve never heard of the Southern Living parties. Interesting!

    You’ve inspired me to write in my cookbooks! I’ve always been against it because I’m weird about writing in books. It seems smart though because often you do something a little different. I imagine the kids would like to use them down the road too.

    To answer your question, I actually use more printed (internet) recipes than from actual books. A favorite cookbook I’m into now is Milk Street’s new one.

    Love the vid, Barbara. You’re so good at this. ❤️

  3. Oh gosh…first a sweet email from you (thank you!) and now a video! You know how much I love these, Barbara. You really are a pro. Since I’m not the cook in our house, I’ll be sharing this with Derek. 🙂 I remember the Pampered Chef parties…lol! Many of my friends hosted such parties. Feeling obligated to attend and make a purchase, I always bought a baking tool, since that’s my specialty. Great to see your sweet face today !<3

  4. Great video! I have several favourites that are dog-eared and covered with huge splotches (some are probably the result of tears 😉 ). Years ago, I found my mother’s main cook book that was published in 1952. It is full of her writing and some of the recipes send me back to childhood. It’s nice to pass these along.

    1. I agree – I should have shown another one that is filled with comments and spills, but I like the Southern Living one better. Thanks for watching, Lynette!

    1. That’s how I feel about mine – I’m defnitely not an haute cuisine chef – when you’re cooking for 4 boys (now grown), you have to make a lot of food and fast! But I like to cook healthy dishes so when something healthy works, I need to make a note of it. There are a lot of memories in those cookbooks, aren’t there?

  5. Hi Barb, fun video! You’re a natural on camera, which I’m not. lol
    My favourite recipes have to be the ones I’ve kept in Mom’s handwriting. A way of having her with me when I miss her.

    1. Oh Jennifer, I know what you mean about recipes from your mom. I have a bunch that my mother hand wrote, and some that she typed up on her typewriter (also precious). Thank you for watching my video and thanks, also, for the compliment. 🧡

    1. Oh, nice, Robbie! I’m hoping to attract viewers that way mostly, but it’s a slow road. Thank you for watching! I appreciate the comment, especially from a master in the kitchen 🙂

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