Fairytale and Folklore Retellings – now on YouTube!

Hi Everyone – just sharing this YouTube video from our library. We had a lot of fun exploring this genre!

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If you missed the Henrietta Hankin Branch August Book Chat on Fairytale and Folklore Retellings, you can still see what we talked about. Now on YouTube – the genre explained and selected recommended titles, all in the Chester County Library System!

Watch the video here:

Explore a different genre. Visit our catalog at https://chescolibraries.org/ to reserve a copy of your next retelling!

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21 thoughts on “Fairytale and Folklore Retellings – now on YouTube!

  1. Welcome back, Barbara. You were missed, and I’m hoping your family member is recovering well.

    Thanks for the video with so much specialized and unique information. I have loved fairytales and folklore since I was in first grade!

    Now for the revelation. I had no idea that you are associated with the library – it has a copy of Mennonite Daughter, which I donated when I was doing a presentation for the Women’s Writing Circle during my book launch in 2019. Amazing!

      1. It is – and there are things you can do ahead of the November 1 beginning. I haven’t been on the website this year yet, but there are online help sessions to help you plan your book.

      2. Oh, Barb, that’s so awesome. Welcome to the adventure! And reading and reviewing is a great way to learn what works and what doesn’t. I’m so excited to see what you come up with. 🙂

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