Book Club Mom’s Author Update: News from Bruce W. Bishop

Author name: Bruce W. Bishop

Book to feature: Uncommon Sons

News to share: Bruce has released the interlinked novel to his successful debut late in 2020 with Unconventional Daughters. The new book, Uncommon Sons, re-introduces the characters of Marc and Eva in 1935-36 as they are confronted with two mysterious deaths at the hotel where Marc works as a manager. Uncommon Sons is a page-turning tale of sexual identity, systemic racism, familial obligations, workplace pressures, and the bonds of love and friendship prior to World War II. It’s the perfect late summer ‘beach read’ that further explores what happens when adults are not what and who they are expected to be.

The book can be purchased through Amazon or Rakuten Kobo.

Facebook: @bbishop.writer
Twitter: @Bruce_W_Bishop
Instagram: bruceinhali
YouTube: Bruce Bishop_Canada
Goodreads: Bruce_W. Bishop

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16 thoughts on “Book Club Mom’s Author Update: News from Bruce W. Bishop

    1. Hi Roberta – Thanks for your comment. The novel takes place in 1935-36 when the rumblings of war were starting in North America, and when some political figures were copying Hitler’s rhetoric. It had to have been a very unsettling decade, along with the Great Depression happening at the same time.

      1. Glad you like the cover. It was designed by Lynn Andreozzi in New York who is a former art director for one of the ‘big 5’ publishing companies.

    1. Thank you, Jill. I’m getting a great reception from the book, especially from those who first met two of the characters in my debut novel, ‘Unconventional Daughters’.

    1. Thank you, Marian! Barbara does a great service for authors with her blog and the subsequent updates that are posted!

  1. Thanks for introducing us to Bruce, Barbara, and both of his books sound interesting. I’ll add them to my list. Great review, too. Also, I emailed you a couple of days ago regarding my new book. I should be ready to promote it by the end of this week or on the weekend. So, I look forward to hearing back from you. 💞

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