On YouTube – sharing some fun books for readers and writers!

Hi Everyone,

I’m over on YouTube today, sharing something fun. I hope you’ll stop over!

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

16 thoughts on “On YouTube – sharing some fun books for readers and writers!

  1. Barbara, it’s lovely you’re back and wow, you’re a natural at these and all without a script! The colouring books look lovely, the basic ones not my favourites and then one SO complex! Like you, I think I’d start with the typewriter one … and learning about them along the way.! Haha! I like your son’s pile of colouring stuff and I’ve just sorted my son’s room and came across a box of colouring pencils which I’ve now moved to my studio! Just need to get one of the colouring books! Thank you for sharing all these and enjoy

    1. Hi Annika and thanks so much for watching my video. Yes, that one picture was too simple for me but YIKES at those complex ones. I’ll find something in the middle, and definitely start with a typewriter! Hope you are doing well and isn’t it great to re-purpose those colored pencils? 🙂

  2. Your video made my day, Barbara. I had a rough start, doing a face-plant on the sidewalk this morning while walking to work. Ugh. So, this was certainly a bright spot. I’ve said it before, but you are a natural on camera. So cute! Thanks for minding me about my coloring books. I need to break mine out! Maybe they’ll relax me a bit and stop tripping on curbs! It’s great to see you. xo

      1. Thank you. I’m okay, but my glasses didn’t survive the fall…or my kneecaps! I’m sorry to hear you experienced the same thing. I’m a klutz, but I was actually rushing because it was dark and I thought someone was following me. I’m definitely going to break out my coloring books! xo

      2. Oh that’s so rough. I hate being without glasses too – I just got new ones and had no back-ups while they put the new lenses in my old frames. Take care of yourself and those knees!

  3. Hi Barb! I didn’t catch the colouring bug, at least not since the grandkids were small. I do however love puzzles, as you may already know. I’ve been tempted to try painting nature scenes, but I’ll probably give that a go when I tire of writing. Who knows?
    So happy to see you back on You Tube. 🙂

  4. I can tell you have fun in these YouTube videos. And viewers like the info delivered in these cute and quirky videos. I like reading books but not coloring. Thanks, Barbara!

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