On YouTube: a hair emergency and random chit chat

Hi Everyone,

I’m over on YouTube today talking about a bit of a hair emergency I had at work and other random things. Hope you’ll stop by!

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

21 thoughts on “On YouTube: a hair emergency and random chit chat

  1. I just love your videos, Barbara! I don’t watch much television, but I certainly never want miss one of your chats. I laughed out loud when you imitated what your coworker said about your hair. Whether your hair is up or down you always look adorable. Thanks for the smiles!❀️

    1. Haha – thank you so much, Jill. It was a better hair day than earlier in the week!! My co-worker and I commiserated because we both have the same kind of hair. I really appreciate you watching 🧑

  2. A fascinating exercise in multitasking πŸ™‚ Good luck with the writing. I binge watched The Wire when recovering from my hip replacement. Dominic West and Damien Lewis, another excellent actor who plays Americans well, were both products of Eton College. West is two years older than Lewis, so I guess they knew each other there

    1. Hi Derrick – thanks for watching my video. I’m so glad someone else knows about The Wire. My kids highly recommended it and I was so pleased to recognize actors I already knew and loved from later shows. My favorite is Michael K Williams – he plays a great character in Boardwalk Empire. I was very sorry to see he had passed away this year. I need to get out in the yard soon to finish winterizing – I have a few more things to do. You’re a good motivator!

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