Book Club Mom’s Indie Authors of 2021- here they are!

This year I highlighted twenty-two hard working indie authors, writers of fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry and children’s books. They have great stories to tell about their writing careers, so if you missed any, I hope you’ll visit them now.

Gail Aldwin – Contemporary Fiction

Bruce W. Bishop – Historical Fiction, Family Saga

Susan Blackmon – Historical Fiction

K. Blanton Brenner – Family Saga

Lorelei Brush – Upmarket Women’s Fiction and Historical Fiction

Sheila M. Cronin – Fiction

Jill Culiner – Nonfiction, Mystery, Romance and Romantic Suspense.

Kim Fairley – Nonfiction, Memoir

Tabitha Forney – Upmarket Fiction

Jacqueline Friedland – Women’s Fiction

Allan Hudson – Action/Adventure, Historical

Jane Elizabeth Hughes – Women’s Fiction

Miriam Hurdle – Poetry and Children’s Books

Kaitlyn Jain – Nonfiction, Travel, Memoir

Laurie James – Memoir

Leora Krygier – Memoir, Fiction

Tammy Pasterick – Historical Fiction

Angela Paolantonio – Memoir, Place-Based Travel Memoir, Women’s Studies

Margaret Rodenberg – Historical Fiction

Lauren Scott – Poetry, Memoir

Joe Wells – Murder Mystery

Faith Wilcox – Memoir

In January, I’ll be putting together a new set of interview questions and making a few other format changes. If you’d like to be highlighted, email and I’ll send you the new questions as soon as they’re ready.

Happy holidays!

29 thoughts on “Book Club Mom’s Indie Authors of 2021- here they are!

  1. Thanks so much for this post featuring Indie Authors. I like how you have a different author for different genres. Would you mind if I copied your idea for cookbooks?

  2. You are SO good at showcasing indie authors, who usually don’t have the deep pockets and wider influence of traditionally published authors. Thanks, Barbara!

    1. Hi Marian – thank you! Social media and blogging, though overwhelming and time consuming, is a great way to get the word out about authors and books. It’s hard to be a writer AND promote your work. I enjoy doing these interviews and am glad to have so many interested authors!

  3. What a great list, Barbara, and I loved doing the interview with you. Thanks for including me, and Congratulations to all of these wonderful authors.

  4. Good of you to feature these authors here. It amazes me how many people have written books. I don’t know if more people do now, or I’m more aware of it thanks to posts like these? 🤔

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