Fiction books on my radar – adding to my TBR!

I have no business adding to my TBR, but it’s hard to resist new books! Here are five fiction titles I’d like to read. I picked some of these because I’ve read and liked other books by the authors and others because they sound original and new. I also like debut novels and love to think I’m discovering a great author at the beginning!

All descriptions come from Goodreads or Amazon.

Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson (Feb 1)

In this moving debut novel, two estranged siblings must set aside their differences to deal with their mother’s death and her hidden past—a journey of discovery that takes them from the Caribbean to London to California and ends with her famous black cake. A story of how the inheritance of betrayals, secrets, memories, and even names, can shape relationships and history. Deeply evocative and beautifully written, Black Cake is an extraordinary journey through the life of a family changed forever by the choices of its matriarch.

Joan is Okay by Weike Wang (Jan 18)

A witty, moving, piercingly insightful new novel about a marvelously complicated woman who can’t be anyone but herself, from the award-winning author of Chemistry.

Joan is a thirtysomething ICU doctor at a busy New York City hospital. The daughter of Chinese parents who came to the United States to secure the American dream for their children, Joan is intensely devoted to her work, happily solitary, successful. She does look up sometimes and wonder where her true roots lie: at the hospital, where her white coat makes her feel needed, or with her family, who try to shape her life by their own cultural and social expectations.

The Magnolia Palace by Fiona Davis (Jan 25)

Fiona Davis, New York Times bestselling author of The Lions of Fifth Avenue, returns with a tantalizing novel about the secrets, betrayal, and murder within one of New York City’s most impressive Gilded Age mansions.

Eight months since losing her mother in the Spanish flu outbreak of 1919, twenty-one-year-old Lillian Carter’s life has completely fallen apart. For the past six years, under the moniker Angelica, Lillian was one of the most sought-after artists’ models in New York City, with statues based on her figure gracing landmarks from the Plaza Hotel to the Brooklyn Bridge. But with her mother gone, a grieving Lillian is rudderless and desperate—the work has dried up and a looming scandal has left her entirely without a safe haven. So when she stumbles upon an employment opportunity at the Frick mansion—a building that, ironically, bears her own visage—Lillian jumps at the chance.

I really enjoyed The Address, also by Davis and I love New York stories, so I’d like to give this one a try.

The Maid by Nita Prose (Jan 4)

Molly Gray is not like everyone else. She struggles with social skills and misreads the intentions of others. Her gran used to interpret the world for her, codifying it into simple rules that Molly could live by. Since Gran died a few months ago, twenty-five-year-old Molly has been navigating life’s complexities all by herself. No matter—she throws herself with gusto into her work as a hotel maid.

A Clue-like, locked-room mystery and a heartwarming journey of the spirit, The Maid explores what it means to be the same as everyone else and yet entirely different—and reveals that all mysteries can be solved through connection to the human heart.

Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel (Apr 5)

The award-winning, best-selling author of Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel returns with a novel of art, time, love, and plague that takes the reader from Vancouver Island in 1912 to a dark colony on the moon three hundred years later, unfurling a story of humanity across centuries and space.

A virtuoso performance that is as human and tender as it is intellectually playful, Sea of Tranquility is a novel of time travel and metaphysics that precisely captures the reality of our current moment.

With Sea of Tranquility, I must admit that this is out of my preferred genre, but I’ve read Mandel’s other books (Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel) and they were excellent!

What new books would you like to read in 2022? Do any of these books look good to you? Leave a comment!

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46 thoughts on “Fiction books on my radar – adding to my TBR!

  1. “I have no business adding to my TBR, but it’s hard to resist new books!”–Haha! Ain’t that the truth? I recently got three new books from the library while I have three unfinished books still sitting here at home. I mean, honestly, right? Finish one before moving on already! I just wish I could read.them.all!

    1. So get this: I went to the library today to pick up books my kids ordered. I also discovered a book on the shelf for me: Rock, Paper, Scissors. I sighed. Yet another book I ordered that I have no time to read. I pulled myself away, forlorn, leaving the book sad and lonely on the shelf.

      1. I know, right? It’s like it was reaching out to me, calling my name, pleadingly, as I tore myself away and wiped a tear from my cheek, refusing to look back.


    2. I wish I had more time to read, but honestly the balance of reading and living is where I want it. I like to read in the mornings, but I get antsy sitting around all day.

      1. Oh, yeah. That makes total sense to me. When I can spend a Sunday afternoon sitting outside in the sun reading (if it’s warm enough), that’s my happy place. But I can only get away with that one day a week without feeling sloth-like.

  2. Oh goodness me, I have so many to read and every time I go anywhere or look online I always see more I want to buy! However, despite how amazing these books look, I’ve got to stay strong! These do look good though…

    1. Haha, Books and Bakes, that’s right, stay strong! My Kindle would be mad at me to know how many books I’m considering! Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope you are doing well – is your school break over?

      1. Honestly it’s a bit overwhelming when you have so many to read. At least that’s how I’m feeling right now. Yes, this week is our second week and I feel more exhausted now than I did before! X

  3. I’ve just discovered I have over 100 unread books on my Kindle and many are crying out to be read! I resolved not to buy any more books for a while but already failed within a few days … I know, I’m weak where books are concerned. 😀😀These all look great and The Maid especially sounds tempting and I’m adding on my TBR list! For Christmas I received the hardback of Cloud Cuckoo Land by the author of All the Light We cannot see. A book I think you liked very much as well and I’m saving this for a special break when I can give it my full attention! Happy Reading! 😀

    1. Hi Annika – I did an inventory of unread Kindle books about a year ago – I’m afraid to look! I hope you enjoy Cloud Cuckoo Land – I loved All the Light We Cannot See! Thank you so much for reading and commenting 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing, Barbara. In 2022, I’ve vowed to read what’s on my Kindle and to only purchase books written by author friends, or authors I’ve already read for years. I had to do something. My Kindle is exploding!

    1. Yours and mine both, Jill! Most of the books I bring home are from the library, so my print inventory is under control. But, oh, the Kindle! Thanks for the visit 🙂

  5. I want to read ALL of these! The author of “The Maid” is profiled this month in Writers Digest magazine, in the section that features debut authors — and I too loved Emily St. John Mandel’s other books. I’m on the lookout for my next read, so your timing is (once again) flawless!

    1. Hi Jan – I’m glad these books are interesting to you, too! Emily St. John Mandel is such a talented writer – I’m looking forward to reading this next one. Thanks for visiting – hope you are doing well 🙂

  6. If you want to resist books, it’s best not to work in a library – (just kidding)!

    I do like the array of new books and Joan is Okay looks especially tantalizing. 😀

    1. Hi Marian – I know – I was immediately attracted to that – and of course I will most likely get these books from the library. That keeps things under control! Thank you for reading and commenting!

    1. Haha – I posted some nonfiction TBRs today, maybe those will look familiar. Honestly, I found it harder than usual to find new books I want to read. But there are planty of older books already out there waiting for me. Thanks for the visit – hope you are well!

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