Looking for indie, self-published and hybrid authors – is that you?

Are you an indie, self-published or hybrid author looking for a way to tell the world about your books? Who’s That Indie Author is a great way to introduce yourself to readers. It’s also an opportunity to connect with bloggers and expand your network through connections on WordPress and social media.

Take advantage of a chance to show your talents. Submit an author profile and see your name travel from blog to blog and tweet to tweet! Email Book Club Mom at bvitelli2009@gmail.com.

Check out these recent Who’s That Indie Author profiles:

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If you’ve already been featured on Who’s That Indie Author and you have some news to share, consider submitting an Author Update. Here are some more recent posts:

JP McLean
Bruce W. Bishop
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Pamela S. Wight
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For more information, email bvitelli2009@gmail.com.

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16 thoughts on “Looking for indie, self-published and hybrid authors – is that you?

  1. I loved being featured here and I’m so grateful that you do this, not only so that your followers might try out my books, but because I discover new authors thanks to you. If only had a new book to be featured. A goal that may take longer than I wish. THANKS, Barbara. xo

  2. Thanks for doing this, Barbara, and it was fun to be featured on your blog, and it truly helped with my book launch. It’s also great to meet new writers. ❤️

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