Are you a catch-up reader?

I don’t know about you, but something happens when I don’t get around to reading a popular book right away. As time passes, the chance that I will pick it up becomes slimmer and slimmer. Part of me thinks, well if I read it now after all this time, no one will want to talk about it with me. Because it’s fun to talk about something you liked that everyone is buzzing about too.

I like to think I’m a catch-up reader, but I don’t know if I truly qualify. Here are ten fiction books I’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t. I still want to read them, but too many other books have gotten in the way. Should they be on a priority list or should they stay lost in my big pile of TBRs? I don’t know.

American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins

Anxious People by Fredrik Backman

At the Edge of the Orchard by Tracy Chevalier

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Olive, Again by Elizabeth Strout

Are you a catch-up reader? What’s your strategy? Have you read any of these? Leave a comment!

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55 thoughts on “Are you a catch-up reader?

  1. I don’t know any of these and won’t have time to read them for at least the next year, so maybe you can talk to me about them when we’ve both finished? 😉 Seriously though, I don’t care much when I read a book I’m interested in; sometimes it’s taken me years to get to them. And then there’s the oldies whose authors died centuries before I was born; they’re definitely not new reads. 😉

  2. Even though I hardly have time, I joined our community’s book group so I would HAVE to read something I might not have found time for. I just finished The Lincoln Highway and in two months we will be reading Cloud Cookoo Land. I wonder if it will be as good as Doerr’s first book, which I did read and thought excellent.

    1. Hi Noelle – Did you like The LIncoln Highway? I have it on my Kindle, ready to go. I loved All the Light, too. Hope Doerr’s next one is good. We’re of like minds! Thanks for the visit 🙂

      1. I’ve heard so-so on Cloud Cuckoo Land, but I’ll let you know what I think about it when I’ve read it! I did like the Lincoln Highway – it’s a very different book with chapters devoted to the different characters, some of whom are likable, some of whom frustrate the reader, and one you love to hate!

  3. Hi, Barb – I had never heard the expression “catch up reader” before. I would label myself “borrow books from the library reader” so I don’t often read fresh releases. The only book from your above list that I have read (so far) is Eleanor Oliphant. It wasn’t one of my favourites but it is very popular with many.

    1. Hi Donna – Haha! I made up the phrase so that would explain you never hearing of it! I also read a lot of library books, not from the “New” shelf. I guess I’m all over the place! Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  4. I’ve read Eleanor Oliphant, but my TBR list, like yours, is huge. I’ll never get all the popular books of the day read while there’s still on the top of the lists, never mind my enormous back list. Thankfully, I’m not alone. There will always be someone to chat about a good book with.

  5. I’m definitely a “catch up reader.” I’m trying to read recent novels, but I also have hundreds (no joke) on my shelves that I hope to read before I die. I have read The Lincoln Highway and French Braid, two recently published novels, but I’m currently reading Lamb in His Bosom, a Pulitzer Prize winner published in 1933. 🙂 I loved Olive, Again, but I do recommend revisiting Olive Kitteridge. It had been awhile since I read OK and I loved it more the second time and it did make Olive, Again a more enjoyable read for me. I really liked Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, too. It is a fast read, in my opinion, and I’m not a fast reader at all. Cloud Cuckoo Land and American Dirt are both on my shelf.

    1. Hi Kaleigh – thanks for stopping by – it’s great to know that others have the same books in mind! I have The Lincoln Highway on my Kindle and want to read it very soon – although I’ve read a few really long books lately so I wanted to take a break from that. Good to know about Olive – it’s been a long time since I read OK. Hope you’re reading something good right now!

  6. Hi Barbara, I am just swamped in books and have long lists of books I want to read. Sometimes I have more time to read than other times. I can’t say I really have a reading plan, I have good intensions and, like you, I often don’t read all the books I plan to read. There is only so much free time available to us, isn’t there?

    1. Yes, and I know we readers talk about that a lot, but it’s worth repeating. I couldn’t sit and read 24-7 anyway – I’m need to move around, so there’s a limit to how many books. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Hi – the last two books are ones I have heard of and look very good – (the end of the orchard and American Dirt)
    and if I have books in a TBR pile – and find that I might never get to them – I will skim it (like while eating lunch) and then decide if it is something to keep on the TBR list

    I remember a while back when you showed us some books and you red one little line and then decided if you would read it (fun video) but that is kind of what I was gettin at – you know, read more than one line and maybe skim four or five sections to get a feel for the verbiage, the action, and the essence of the author.

    1. Hi Yvette – yes that’s a good strategy because then you’ll get an idea of whether to continue. I’ve heard American Dirt is a little disappointing, although I still want to read it. Thanks for the visit!

  8. I have read at least two on your list!
    But I’m the same. Unless they are ARCs which I have to read, I’ll buy the books I like, knowing it’s highly unlikely I’ll be reading them, anytime soon!

  9. 7 of them are on my catch-up list😅 and I can relate to your fear that not many people will want to discuss them. I’m hopeful I can find a reading buddy, someone who hasn’t read one or two of them, so we can rant or rave together as we read along and the book is fresh in our minds.

    1. Yes, that’s a great thing. I recently read For Whom the Bell Tolls with a reading buddy (Robbie Cheadle from the blog, Robbie’s Inspiration) and it was a great experience. I’m glad someone else is in the same boat as me! Thanks for the visit 🙂

  10. I am definitely a catch-up reader and often read a book years after it was popular. It doesn’t really matter to me. I also read indi books and classics so it is a mixed bag.

  11. The Four Winds is on my catch up list too. It’s doubtful whether I’ll get to all my catch up books…but it’ll be fun trying!

  12. I think book bloggers who get ARCs of books that haven’t yet been released are a bit spoiled, which makes becoming a catch-up reader more difficult. We get used to talking about brand new books that we think older ones aren’t interesting to anyone anymore. As for your list… I really enjoyed Malibu Rising, but Daisy Jones is still my favorite of hers, so if you get around to it, fine, but not a priority, if you ask me. Anxious People, however… yes, you really should read that one, and put it on your priority list – like, right at the TOP!

    1. I used to do that – and joined NetGalley, but honestly it felt like a job and I didn’t enjoy getting an early copy of something. Too much work. Thanks for reading and commenting. I loved Daisy Jones. And a lot of people have told me to read Anxious People, so I will do that soon! 🙂

  13. As an indy author, I only read other indie author books. Call me crazy, but I don’t have the time to add more royalties to the rich and famous. Catching up is hard to do for sure.

  14. Of those books I’ve read Eleanor Oliphant and loved it. I rarely read what is popular when it is popular. Sometimes it’s a decade before I get to a book. I figure this isn’t college, there’s no exam on the book next week, so I read on my own schedule.

    1. Ha! I like that Ally Bean! I never chain myself to a list, especially because I have to read books for work – that’s enough of a chain. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  15. You’ve described my state of affairs exactly. While I don’t feel compelled to read best-sellers right away, I’m usually back-logged on library books and books from authors I want to support with a review. Of the books posted, I liked Olive, Again. Thanks, Barbara!

    1. Hi Marian – there’s definitely not enough time to do it all. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I loved Olive Kitteridge and wanted to read Olive, Again as soon as it came out, but it fell through the cracks.

  16. Hmmm….I admit I jump on the bandwagon of popular reads early…and if I don’t read them soon after publication, I don’t catch up. I’m getting ready to purge everything published in 2019 from my tbr because if I haven’t read it yet…I’m not reading it

  17. I tend to be pretty impulsive and grab certain books as soon as I can… but yes, if there’s a “buzz book” that I hadn’t planned to read but I’m suddenly hearing about it everywhere, chances are I’ll try to track down a copy at the library. Of the ones on your list, I’ve read 6! I loved The Four Winds the most, but also enjoyed Malibu Rising (you should read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo first, if you haven’t), When We Were Yours, and Elinor Oliphant. I liked Anxious People, but not nearly as much as most people seem to love it. And American Dirt — well, if you want to see what the talk was about, then it’s worth checking out, but it’s really not well-written and is way too melodramatic for my taste. Hope you enjoy whichever of these you end up reading!!

    1. Glad to know that you’ve liked several of these. You know, I put American Dirt on there out of my own curiosity and mostly to know what everyone has been talking about. Good comment of yours! Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Lisa 🙂

  18. I’ve read Eleanor Oliphant and The Four Winds, both excellent books. I just do my best with reading Indie books and popular books in no particular order. It’s a balancing act when trying to write for blogging and while working on a future book. 🙂 Thanks for the list, Barbara.

  19. I liked the Edge of the Orchard and Anxious People, and liked them both. I didn’t care for Eleanor Oliphant, and haven’t read any of the others either. But I do think that it’s best to read a book without any expectations, as sometimes expectations get in the way.

  20. There are so many good books being published every year that it’s hard to keep up with reading even a select few of my favorite authors. I haven’t read any of the books you’ve listed.

    1. HI Rosaliene – you’re so right – It’s hard to keep up but it’s fun to see what’s out there and choose. Thanks so much for reading and commenting 🙂

  21. I never thought of it that way, but I guess I am a catch-up reader in a way. I’m right now reading the latest (a while ago, latest) book by Jodi Picoult (Wish You Were Here), an author whom I have read just about every book she’s published. I even gifted this book to a friend but am just now finally getting to it. As far as your catch-up books, I’ve read most of them and highly recommend Anxious People, Before We Were Yours, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Eleanor Oliphant, and Olive Again. Whoops. You have a lot of catchin’ up to do. 🙂

    1. Hi Pam – so nice to hear that you’ve liked these books! I haven’t read a book by Jodi Picoult in years, I should probably try some of hers again. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂

      1. I loved her early ones. The middle ones, not so much. But this latest one I recommend. All of Picoult’s books are really thought-provoking.

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