Recognize any of these publishing trends?

What’s happening in the publishing world in 2022 and what does that mean for indie authors and small publishers? I found this interesting article about what to expect in the future.

Written Word Media, a book marketing business, listed the following trends. While I’m not promoting their services, I think they make some great observations! Maybe you already know about some of them.

  • Direct sales for authors will continue to grow. This helps authors make more money and have direct connection with the people who buy their books. That means specific contact information and a good newsletter email list potential.
  • Indie authors will embrace next generation technology. They’re talking about NFTs (which I don’t entirely understand), AI narration for audiobooks and using AI for writing tools. I love technology so I think this is pretty cool!
  • BookTok is mainstream. Who’s on BookTok? I haven’t ventured there yet, but I’m interested. I’m mostly concerned about spreading myself too thin, as a book blogger, that is!
  • Book prices will increase. That’s for print and digital. This article says that promotional discounts will become more attractive to buyers.
  • More success for small presses. The divide between traditional publishing and indie publishing is getting bigger. In addition to being more collaborative, indie and self-published authors are more adaptive and forward-thinking. That’s good news for sales. They note that “traditional publishers aren’t adapting to the growth of audio and eBook formats and instead are struggling with supply chain issues. Smaller publishers are going to fill the void.”
  • Advertising will become more inclusive. They’re talking marketing graphics with more visuals and colors. Everyone seems to be getting better at designing their own graphics, too, although be careful if you use Canva. I know there are stipulations about whether you’re using your design for profit. Ad tracking has been reined in, but social media platforms are out there for anyone to use.
  • Digital ads will be more expensive and difficult to track. They note, “In addition to increased cost to run ads online, the tracking and targeting options that had made digital ads so effective are slowly going away.” What is your experience with paid advertising? Do you recognize this trend? Do you recommend paid advertising?
  • Audiobook market continues to evolve. Spotify just bought a company named Findaway and they’re going to focus more and more on narratives, in addition to music and podcasts.
  • More authors will try publishing serializations via reading apps. Wow this sounds interesting! Have any of you tried that?

Have you noticed any of these trends? Leave a comment below!

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34 thoughts on “Recognize any of these publishing trends?

    1. I like the reading app idea. I don’t have any of them, but I’m going to see what they’re all about. Thanks for reading and commenting, Miriam!

  1. Hmmm, I’m curious about that read app for serialization… I’ve may be turning my middle-grade series into shorter novellas that might be conducive to this.

    1. That’s the one trend I am most interested in. I haven’t looked into the apps though. Never enough time! Thank you for stopping by, Alethea 🙂

    1. Hi Donna – I’ve never even been on BookTok – I’m not sure anyone can keep up on all the trends. I do like seeing what they are, though! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. I like knowing the trends to watch. I’ve watched a few BookToks and laughed at the honesty. I don’t know if I think they’ll help authors, but maybe. As for the trend of authors having newsletters, not a fan because there’s no interaction with the author. I feel like a pawn in a game. But if you write a public blog and interact with your readers openly, I’ll play your game with you.

    1. Hi Ally – I was just thinking about the newsletter and that is definitely a problem. You want reader interaction. And you want it to be easy for them to reach you. I also like seeing the trends and trying to keep up. Of course, I’m not a published author so I have nothing to promote…

  3. More people do seem to be enjoying audio books. I’ve seen a few blog posts or whatever that say things like they didn’t think they’d like them, but now they’re hooked.

    1. Yes, I do enjoy audiobooks. I never thought I would, though. I thought they would be hard to follow, but you adjust. Thank you for reading 🙂

  4. I do think the audio market is growing. I didn’t know about BookTok, but then I don’t know about trends in general. Thanks for helping me keep up, sorta! Like Jill, I just keep writing. Like Ally, I like the interaction on a blog–like here. 😀

  5. I like the idea of AI for an audiobook. Too expensive for me to have one made using someone’s voice. I sound like Daffy Duck, so no help there. As for prices, Realization Press just contacted me and said if I didn’t raise the price on my latest book, I’d be losing money! So I had to take it from $19.99 to an even $25. There are SO many book apps out there, I’m getting dizzy. Guess I’ll stuck to what I know – twitter, Facebook and my blog.

    1. Hi Noelle – I don’t know how the apps work. Things are developing and changing so quickly. I also like the idea of AI for an audiobook. I mean, why not? Authors on their own can only do so much. Thank you for stopping by to comment!

  6. I’ve heard of most of these trends, but I wouldn’t count trad publishers out. I’m sure they are aware of BookTok and AI narration and so forth. They just need to strategize how to use these tools…and also how to protect their authors from AI-altered plagerism.

    1. Publishing is a different world than what it once was (not that I really know, but technology has changed everything). I agree traditional publishers have all the resources to keep up to date on changes -they are in a better position to strategize. Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

  7. I like the idea of being able to buy a book directly from the author as it just feels more personal. I’m not sure I’m the most tech savvy person to navigate some of these new reading apps!

    1. Hi Linda, yes I think it’s nice to buy directly from the author. Seems like a more straightforward way to go. I haven’t tried the reading apps. Technology is leaps ahead of me, even though I like to try to stay up to date. Thanks for the visit 🙂

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