Who knew there were so many Rebecca covers?

I’ve always had an image in my mind of what Rebecca, Maxim and Mrs. Danvers look like in Daphne du Maurier’s classic Gothic novel about a young woman who tries to overcome the memory of her husband’s first wife. After looking at all these book covers, I can see that other people had their own ideas!

Here are thirty-seven covers to show you what I mean. Some of these are audiobooks and editions in other languages. I have a couple favorites. Which ones are yours?

If you’re interested, you can read my five-star review of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier here and my post about the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock movie here.

And by the way, here are my top three favorites!

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34 thoughts on “Who knew there were so many Rebecca covers?

  1. Hi – wow – this was fun to explore – I like fob and six and the a couple near the end the most –
    And I like your top three –
    But each cover emits different flavors – you can feel the time period in some and the culture in others! How cool to find all these
    Okay – off to read your review with the link you added

  2. Wow – Who knew that this one novel had so many different covers. I read Rebecca 10 years ago and absolutely loved it. I have a clear image of that book cover in my mind but don’t see it here. Were there even other covers? (Or perhaps my memory is not as good as I hope). 😀

    1. Hi Donna – I tapped out after awhile, but think I got most of them. There were some I was unable to download from the sellers’ websites. So maybe your cover was one of those. Thanks for stopping by – I also loved Rebecca!

  3. I rather like your first cover. Last time you reviewed the film I commented that it was a great favourite in our family. I now feel I know you well enough to tell you why. When George Sanders comes down the stairs saying that there is one more thing that he has to say, a blemish in the tape emitted a sound like a fart. This was played over and over with hysterical laughter.

  4. I am trying to pick out the cover I can identify with and am flummoxed. I know it wasn’t red and black. . . most likely romantic looking. Sometimes it’s a mystery why one book resonates so deeply with the public. Perhaps it’s the theme, or good writing, or synchronicity with the times. Thanks for doing your research here, Barbara. Sort of mind-boggling!

  5. Lots of reprintings or printing by different companies, methinks. I like the cover on the left of your top three. Manderley was a major character!

  6. I agree with Noelle, the house was a key player in the story so I like the covers with Manderley on them. Your first favourite is probably the one I like the most.

    1. I agree with you and here’s an example of why I’m always drawn to books with houses as “characters” – thanks for reading and commenting, Darlene!

    1. Yes, I agree. I just went back to see if that was Joan Fontaine in the last of the three that I liked. I don’t think so. I liked the face of the woman in that one and agree the ones with the movie stars are so after the fact! Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  7. The 2nd one on top line has only one ‘c’ – maybe the French spelling. They’re all striking covers. So many changes to them. Why not? Thanks Barbara-

    1. Hi Susan, yes some of them are in different languages. You’d think there would only be one cover, but it’s not all one publisher and publishers also update covers over time to attract new readers. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  8. Mine is the one that says under the title, “Now a Mystery Television Presentation.” I had no idea of the variety of covers, really fascinating.

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