Good news about my spam!

This is just a quick follow-up to let you know that the steps I took to tighten the security on my WordPress account have greatly reduced the number of spam comments on my blog. This morning I woke up to about 20 spam comments, easily deleted. I continue to get them throughout the day, but not nearly as many as I was (about 100). Hurray! Hopefully this continues. My fingers are crossed. 😊

I think the Two-Step Authentication may be the best thing I did. But I also changed my password and made it so I have to approve all comments. If you are having similar problems and want the details on what to do, you can check out my earlier post here.

Phew! Now I can go back to reading!

Thanks for reading about my spam angst!

25 thoughts on “Good news about my spam!

  1. One thing about having to approve all comments is if you are away and have a guest none of those comments show up until you return. My method is to approve initial comments only. Then on other subsequent visits by the reader, the comments can be placed.

    1. Hi John, yes that’s a downside. I used to only approve new comments, but not I’m approving all of them. We’ll see how that works. I may switch it back and see whether I get more spam. Thanks for the visit 🙂

  2. Thanks for the update and I think your sharing about it had many good fruits that you might not realize –
    Because a lot of good tips are in the post comments and post content

    1. Interesting…I looked for a Press This button on mine – I don’t think I set that up. Might need to investigate more, though. Glad disabling it helped cut your spam!

  3. That’s excellent news, Barbara. So pleased the actions you have taken have helped reduce the spam your blog is getting.

    I also approve all comments regardless of who has left them and if they have left comments before. When I’m away, I don’t publish new posts, and any comments that do come in while I’m away can be quickly approved on my phone or laptop. These days, unless you want to cut yourself off from the online world, there is always a way to promptly approve comments without allowing them to spoil your time away.

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