Book Club Mom’s Author Update: News from Darlene Foster

Darlene Foster

Author name: Darlene Foster

Genre: Middle Grade, Adventure/Travel

Books: Amanda Travels Series

News: Book #9, in the Amanda Travels series is soon to be released. This time we find Amanda Ross in Paris, France.  She’s in awe of the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. While there, she gets to work as a volunteer and stay in a famous book store, along with her bestie Leah and Leah’s eccentric Aunt Jenny. A dream come true for a book lover like Amanda.

But things are happening that may ruin her trip to this amazing city. While she’s at the Paris Opera House there is a bomb threat. Then the lights go out during their visit to the Louvre. Worst of all, a devastating fire blazes in Notre Dame. Why does a mysterious man, who claims to be a busker, writer and artist, show up every time something bad happens?

Amanda explores the exciting streets of Paris, the fabulous Palace of Versailles and the gardens of the painter Claude Monet, all the time looking for clues as to who would want to destroy such a beautiful, historic cathedral. She questions her courage and begins to wonder if it is getting too dangerous to travel.

An early review:

Amanda thinks she’s in for a relaxing holiday in the world’s most loved city, but instead she’s drawn into the danger and mystery surrounding the destructive fire of Notre Dame.” Gina McMurchy-Barber Author of The Jigsaw Puzzle King (Winner of the 2021 Silver Birch Awards)

Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral will be released on September 13th, 2022.

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52 thoughts on “Book Club Mom’s Author Update: News from Darlene Foster

    1. Hi Darlene – my week ran away without me it seems! I’m just getting to all the comments on this post. Congratulations on your new Amanda book!

  1. Thanks for featuring Darlene’s wonderful series, so useful for children, and also a great read for adult. I will soon start reading it aloud to the kids of some relatives. Let’s hope they will understand m English speaking. Lol At least they can read it by themselves. xx Michael

    1. Hi Michael – thank you for stopping by to read about Darlene’s books and her newest one. It sounds like a wonderful series and how great that you will read it aloud to your family!

  2. Darlene’s Amanda series sounds wonderful, Barbara. Thanks for hosting her and Congratulations to her, as well. I will definitely add these to my library.

  3. Barbara, a great feature of Darlene’s latest Amanda book!

    Darlene, I am so happy for you and your latest release – this sounds exciting, intense and lots of fun!

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