Looking for indie, self-published and hybrid authors – is that you?

Hi Everyone, I had an email incident last week and lost some replies to this post. If you emailed me about being featured and you haven’t heard back, can you email me again? Thank you!

Are you an indie, self-published or hybrid author looking for a way to tell the world about your books? Who’s That Indie Author is a great way to introduce yourself to readers. It’s also an opportunity to connect with bloggers and expand your network through connections on WordPress and social media.

Take advantage of a chance to show your talents. Submit an author profile and see your name travel from blog to blog and tweet to tweet!

Check out these recent Who’s That Indie Author profiles:

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5 thoughts on “Looking for indie, self-published and hybrid authors – is that you?

  1. It’s about two years (before Covid!) since I submitted my information to you. Yes, I am a self-published author – and I would love to be interviewed by you. My book, “Flight Into The Unknown” – my immigration story to Canada, is practically unknown – since it came out at a bad time during the pandemic and had no launch or other promotions. With so many immigrants from several countries, it will help to understand why people have to flee or leave their homes. Whatever their reasons… and how they can build a new life and future in a different country, even if they do not (yet!) speak the language.

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