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Hi Everyone, I had an email incident last week and lost some replies to this post. If you emailed me about being featured and you haven’t heard back, can you email me again? Thank you!

Are you working on a new or your very first book? Have you won an award or a writing contest? Did you just update your website? Maybe you just want to tell readers about an experience you’ve had. Book Club Mom’s Author Update is a great way to share news and information about you and your books.

Email Book Club Mom at for more information.

Open to all authors – self-published, indie, hybrid and anything in between.

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    1. Thank you, Lauren. I think I may have figured it out. I have 2 gmail accounts and last week, emails from my blog account were showing up in my personal account. I’d deleted them thinking they would stay in the blog account, but they disappeared from there too. Isn’t technology great? Thank you for stopping by – hope you are doing well!

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