Book cover eye candy – similar, very similar, confusing, pretty and more book covers

Happy Sunday Everyone! I’m being very superficial today and sharing book covers that caught my eye for different reasons. Sometimes, and I’ve said this before, I think I’ve already read a book because the cover is so much like another cover!

Similar Covers

These are both pretty and similar. A bit hard to read because they’re so busy and colorful, but I do like looking at them.

Very Similar Covers

The handwritten slanted font, often in all caps, is very popular these days. And look at all the ones that feature a rocky coast!

Sunglasses Covers

Yes, summer is over but the sunglasses stay.

Confusing Covers

Honestly, these books might be great, but these covers are too hard to look at.

Prettiest Covers

You may have figured out that I like colorful book covers! These are also a bit similar to each other, but that’s okay with me because I like looking at them!

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42 thoughts on “Book cover eye candy – similar, very similar, confusing, pretty and more book covers

  1. Maybe the covers that are too hard to look at belong to bizarre stories. (I don’t know. I haven’t read either one.) The pretty ones sure are pretty. I also like bold, graphic covers (This Thing Between Us, for example.)

    1. Hi Priscilla – I’m not so superficial that I wouldn’t read a book that had a bad cover. I read two in the past year with covers I disliked and they were excellent (Shuggie Bain and The Copenhagen Trilogy). And yes, This Thing Between Us is very pretty! Thank you for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

  2. Bright colors with rather flamboyant lettering on the cover are now in vogue. My recent cover reveal doesn’t follow a trend; it’s more like a sequel to my first book cover, though red is the dominant color. Very intriguing topic. Barbara!

  3. Barbara, the two “confusing covers” that you feature are not at all easy on the eye. On the other hand, the “prettiest covers” are very eye-catching and invite us to explore within. A pretty book cover is no guarantee that the book is a worthwhile read or even well-written. When it comes to fiction, I’m more influenced by recommendations from other readers here in our WordPress community and book reviews.

    By the way, I’ve just finished reading The Lamplighters: A Novel by Emma Stonex. It’s a haunting and unsettling story of the ways in which our lives can intersect for the detriment of all involved. Thanks for bringing this book to our attention.

    1. Hi Rosaliene – thank you for the visit. We must always be aware not to judge the book by the cover, but a pretty cover makes me want tor take a look. And I’m so glad you enjoyed The Lamplighters!

  4. I feel like certain genres have very similar covers. Like thrillers and murder mysteries often have similar covers. The last covers you shared really are very pretty. Great post.

  5. Beautiful covers, Barb.
    It is amazing to me that I have not read one of those books. Honestly, not a single one of them.
    And I consider myself a relatively big reader. So many books, never enough time!

    1. Hi Donna – I know exactly what you mean! I’ve only read ONE of them, Every Vow You Break (can’t resist a thriller). Our mystery book club at work is also going to read Fire Keeper’s Daughter – it’s supposed to be good. Thanks for the visit!

  6. Very nice, but sometimes I find that scrip-like font a bit hard to read. No matter, as long as there are no bare chested men with unrealistic rippling muscles, or women in flowing gowns that have enough fabric to clothe a small country, I’m a happy camper!

  7. The similar and the sunglasses ones are the covers that trip me up. I never can quite remember… did I read this novel or not? Honestly getting old can screw with you in so many different ways.

  8. That was so fun, Barb. Covers are such eye candy! I’m not a huge fan of overly busy covers. They hurt my eyes and they’re hard to read. But a beautiful cover with beautiful colors…. almost irresistible. My favs of all those: Her Dark Lies,
    The Next Wife, and The Two Lives of Sarah. All different and spectacular.

  9. I enjoyed this commentary, Barbara. I agree with your thoughts about these covers. Do you like my covers? I try to keep them clear and easy to understand. I also think they are different to other covers. I would be interested in your opinion.

    1. Hi Robbie, yes I like all your covers very much. You’re right, they are interesting and memorable and the children’s books have nice simple covers that appeal to younger readers.

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