My Kindle is loaded!

Hi Everyone! I’m going to have a lot of time to read during the next five days so I loaded up my Kindle with potential books. It’s such a fun feeling to know I can pick any one of these, depending on my mood! I even threw a spooky read – I hope I can handle it 👻

I haven’t been on the blog much this month because my off-blog schedule has been crazy! Things will settle down next week and I look forward to getting back into my routine and visiting all of you!

Thanks so much for visiting – come back soon!

17 thoughts on “My Kindle is loaded!

  1. What a great mix! I’ve read three of these (The Four Winds, Mrs. Christie, and The Good Sister), and loved them all. Enjoy! (I’m going on a short trip and I’m in the process of loading my Kindle too!)

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