Book Club Mom’s Holiday Link Love

Happy Holidays! Here are some blogs I enjoy. I’ll be sharing more links during the next few weeks. Take a look and join the Holiday Link Love!

Belinda Grover Photography: “I wanted to combine my love of the outdoors with the challenge of photography and record the ‘stops along the way.’ With a camera in hand you tend to look at the world differently; light, shadow, framing can make the common extraordinary.”

Carla Loves to Read: “I have been a reader all my life, but recently began reading and reviewing books on Goodreads. Shortly after that, I was introduced to NetGalley and have been reviewing new books on a regular basis. I wanted somewhere to review books where people could come and look at them as well as see them somewhat categorized.”

T. W. Dittmer: “I suppose I could try to weave some tale about the burning desire, the urge that drove me to near insanity until I just HAD to put my thoughts into words. Or I could tell you some epic story about the tragic events that led me to write. I’d rather just tell you the truth. And the truth of it is, I just want to tell a story… hopefully the kind of story that makes a reader think… makes them smile or makes them cry… maybe jerks them around a little bit and makes them go ‘Huh?’ I just like to write.”

Graffiti Lux Art & More: “My name is Resa McConaghy, and my site, “Graffiti Lux and Murals”, was originally dedicated to showcasing & documenting Graffiti Art and Murals in Toronto and Winnipeg. However, I now find I am featuring the Street Art of other cities around the globe through travels of mine, and guest contributors.”

Priorhouseblog: “Priorhouse blog has morphed a lot over the years – yet the main themes have stayed the same: photos, art and a little bit of lit (and hopefully some encouragement).”

Read with Me: “I’m Jolie and I am a bookworm. I’ve written book reviews since I started blogging. I figured, ‘Hey, I like reading and I like blogging so let’s combine the two.’”

Words from Manneli: “This blog is a collection of ‘blurbs’ from life as I see it. Sometimes the blurb involves a funny little story, sometimes a photo or two, sometimes both. I enjoy interacting with my readers so please don’t be shy.”

Thanks for visiting—come back soon!

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