On YouTube: sharing 2 cool gifts I got for Christmas!

Hey Everyone,

I’m over on YouTube today sharing 2 cool gifts I got for Christmas!

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

39 thoughts on “On YouTube: sharing 2 cool gifts I got for Christmas!

    1. Oh thank you, Davida. I truly appreciate it. I saw your comment on YouTube – thank you for that too. I’ll hop on YT later today. Hope you’re having a great day 🙂

  1. Enjoy your Bach music book. Looks challenging to me. I began piano lessons three years ago and have learned a few Bach pieces. Most of my music comes from Piano Pronto books. Have a fun musical new year 2023. LA LA LA LA

    1. Hi Grace! Thanks for stopping by! I’m curious – are your lessons online? Are you enjoying them? I’m considering taking lessons again. Hope you had a wonderful holiday season 🎶

      1. I play a little guitar now. I was serious about my music back then, but a severed tendon in my left hand and the need for more income pushed me to move to a field that I could handle better and payed more. 😦

      2. I get it, Tim. I’m sorry you had an injury like that. These are the events that change our career paths. I considered majoring in music at one point, but I quickly learned I wasn’t nearly as good as some of the other people in the program. Plus I don’t think I would have been dedicated enough at the time. I’ve always loved playing, but I’m practicing way more than I did when I took lessons!

  2. I take piano lessons once a week locally at The Music Studio. I began lessons using an online program called Piano Maestro. There is an app from Piano Maestro you open. While playing a tune the app responds to your piano strokes. I combine learning music and theory with the app then meet with my piano teacher once a week to go over the song I am learning. I have graduated to learning songs without the app. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/piano-maestro/id604699751
    There are piano teachers around the country and the world who use Piano Maestro as a learning tool. I found learning piano easy with the app. You might contact the people of Piano Maestro and see if there is a teacher in your town who uses the app. The Music Studio where I take lessons is the studio for the local schools to send their children for music lessons. I also buy music books from Piano Pronto. Jennifer Ekland who owns the online music store created most of the music for piano on Piano Maestro. https://pianopronto.com/shop-by/author/jennifer-eklund/ I love learning piano. It challenges the little gray cells so I can write. May your fingers fly…grace

    1. Thank you, Grace! The place where I bought my piano offers lessons and I’m thinking about going there for them. In addition, either they told me about Piano Maestro or it may be in my manual. I have a lot of my old music books, and some of my mother and father’s which is really nice to have and see all the markings. Happy playing!

    1. Thanks so much, Jennifer! I just made a new one – they’ll never be perfect but I enjoy them. Hope you are doing well. What’s the weather like up there? We go from hot to cold.

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