The Martian playlist on Spotify!

Hi Everyone,

I enjoyed reading The Martian by Andy Weir and I especially enjoyed the movie starring Matt Damon! Today I’m sharing a Spotify playlist of songs I selected to complement your reading experience! Even if you’re not on Spotify, you can still see the songs I selected. I had fun putting it together and hope you’ll check it out!

When I create a playlist, I try to only include songs I know and that are in my music library. Can you think of any others?

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

17 thoughts on “The Martian playlist on Spotify!

    1. Hi Jane – I was excited to be able to include a little Bowie on this playlist – a perfect fit IMO! Thank you for stopping by. I liked both the book and the movie too!

  1. I love literary playlists! The Martian was a 4/5 star read for me, which means I liked it more than I thought I would since I’m not usually drawn to science fiction.

    1. Hi Kaleigh! Same here! There was a lot of math in the book, which I read through, but had trouble following. However, I thought the story was super interesting and I liked the movie a lot. Thanks for checking out my playlist. They are fun to make!

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