Blog Views and Other Obsessions – WordPress Story Update and Thoughts

Here’s an interesting follow-up to my post last week in which I talked about the new story feature on the Jetpack app. As an experiment, I tried it out and this is what happened:

My experimental story has gotten more views and likes than any other post so far this month. Isn’t that weird? Does anyone know if Jetpack stories boost blog performance?

I just posted another story, to see if that’s the case. After this, I promise I’ll stop talking about Jetpack!

Thanks for visiting—come back soon!

24 thoughts on “Blog Views and Other Obsessions – WordPress Story Update and Thoughts

  1. I had missed all this talk of Jetpack and have no idea what it is. Was in the hospital for several weeks – and then not quite “with it” when I came home; now I need and want to get up to speed again.

    1. Hi Gisele – oh no, I’m sorry you’ve been in the hospital but glad you are out and feeling better. It’s tough getting back up to speed. Take care of yourself.

      1. I was close to leaving this planet. Two pelvic fractures and other ‘goodies… associated with losing consciousness and falling. Head, elbow and heart problems didn’t make things easier. And, over Christmas and New Year, the hospital had no staff, so they just left you in ‘diapers’ for hours – and once they forgot me when I was in an isolation room by myself they emptied the whole floor because of no stuff. A night guard happened to hear me yell. With six outlets for intravenous in my left arm it was swelling up, the hand doubled in size, and the ID band cut off my circulation. It hurt like hell, and I was screaming like a pig being slaughtered. Finally, a nurse came running but no one could find a scissor to cut the ID band off… I still have a black lower arm (bruises?) after nearly 3 months. The doctor told me I could have lost the arm. That’s life in the hospital nowadays… I hope I NEVER have to go back. Still on a walker. Sorry to tell you – don’t you ever fall!

  2. I haven’t tried the app so I’m not sure but it’s great you got such a response. Let us know what happens with your next story.

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