On re-reading books – children’s books read hundreds of times

To add to the ongoing discussion of re-reading books, here are some that we read to our children when they were small—hundreds of times!

When our kids were babies and up, I got a lot of their books at a second-hand children’s store near where we lived. The store had an unusual selection but many of these lesser-known titles became their favorites. I had to go by memory, because our bin of children’s books is buried deep in our storage room and it will take me some time to pull them out.

I was happy to find one of these images on eBay (Let’s Go to the Doctor). My family still quotes lines from that book!

So here’s a short trip down our memory lane. I bet you recognize a few of them!

What well-worn children’s books have you re-read?

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41 thoughts on “On re-reading books – children’s books read hundreds of times

  1. Yertle the Turtle, of course. Also Lucille by Arnold Lobel, which I loved as a kid. And there was Charlie Brown’s All-Stars. Kind of an eclectic bunch, now that I look at them.

    1. I didn’t read much when I was a young girl. Not until high school, then it took off. But I do remember a few: Robert the Rose Horse – but that one would probably not make a modern list – there are bank robbers and guns. So weird that a children’s book included that from today’s point of view.

  2. A few of my children’s favourites were Love You Forever by Robert Munsch plus just about all the others, Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, Red is Best by Kathy Stinson and all of the Little Critter books. We read them over and over.

  3. I LOVED Robert the Rose Horse as a child! We had to get it at the library thought. My all-time favorites were The Little Horseman by Mable Watts, How Jack and Daisy Tried to Fool the Tooth Fairies, and my Mom’s big original Mary Poppins book with two books in one. My kids, on the other had, were different, One loved a Christian pop up from the Dollar Tree (lol) of David and Goliath–it rhymed. And the other, by chance, another Christian book–Mary & Martha’s house because the cat looked like ours! lol. They also loved the (tv show era) Bernstein Bears–they learned EVERYTHING in life from those bears! lol. Many others, too, of course. When Pizza Came to Queens was another–I did a special voice for the Grandma–“You No ‘Touch!” lol

    1. Big Smile! I loved reading your memories! I’m glad to see someone else liked Robert the Rose Horse. My kids liked it too because of the bank robbers in the story. I have to dig out the bin of the ones I saved. Thanks for stopping by and sharing the ones you remember. We had another favorite that came with a Chik Fil A happy meal!

  4. My son adored Mr. Little’s Noisy Truck and The Hungry Caterpillar. My daughter was a big fan of The Magic School Bus books, and the TV show 🙂

    1. Hi Debra – definitely a classic and yes I remember The Magic School Bus and Miss Frazzle! Thank you for stopping by to share your memories 🙂

  5. The ones you have featured here are all very familiar to me, especially Richard Scarry. Do You Like My Hat? literally fell apart from the many, many bedtime readings. What lovely memories from this post, Barbara. 🙂

      1. I hear you. I don’t see any grandchildren in the near or even semi-near future. In fact, when I moved house just over two years ago, I threw out LOTS of kids books. I only kept the ones that I either read as a kid myself, or ones that I loved reading to my kids when they were young.

  6. The picture books were read over and over but it was the later books like Anne of Green Gables and Black beauty that also got read many times. When I tutored ESL students, I got to read them again along with my foreign students.

    1. Oh I loved Black Beauty! Darlene, I am going to HAVE TO READ Anne of Green Gables – it’s coming up so often! Thanks for stopping by to comment 🙂

  7. Books are so important to young minds. I remember reading “Dick and Jane”. Thanks for the fresh look on books for children. Story Monster online has a good collection of books for youngsters.

  8. Goodnight Moon, The Cat in the Hat, The Pokey Little Puppy – there are so many that I am revisiting constantly with my grandkids!

      1. Me. too. I read it aloud to my daughter’s second-grade class, thinking it was way too young for them, but they loved reciting the ‘pell-mell down the hill….’

  9. I am very disappointed to find that my post “Nobby Bates” has disappeared altogether in my WordPress migration, because this tells the story of my discovery that Margaret Lane’s “Operation Hedgehog” which I had read countless times to my daughter Louisa was a favourite of her own two children. When I wrote that post, my niece, Danni, said “You read that to me, too”

  10. Oh my, there are so many that I’ve read HUNDREDS of times with my kids. Big Red Barn, Put Me in the Zoo, The Going To Bed Book (boynton), so many more (plus the ones on your list — Go Dog Go makes us all laugh every single time!)

  11. I love your posts! I taught my three children at home and at least 75% of our curriculum involved me reading aloud to them. Now I am reading many of those same books to my grandchildren and finding them to be even better the second time around. I read the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary as a child, then read them to my children, and am now reading them to my grandchildren and they love them as much as I did almost 50 years ago. I remember my Children’s Lit professor saying that is the definition of a classic when referring to books. I agree!

    1. Hi Kaleigh – first, thank you so much for your comment about my blog – I truly appreciate it! I remember the Ramona books, and also. Dear Mr. Henshaw. It’s really great that you are now reading the same books to your grandchildren – that’s so special 🧡

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